Pretty sure most people would choose early morning toilet paper availability over a stadium. Although “St. Louis: The City That Doesn’t Wipe” has a nice ring to it. Read more

So does a firewall need to cover this big hole in the roof too? Read more

I wonder if he found that 2005 NLCS Game 5 Albert Pujols home run ball up there. Read more

Except that guyis wacking the family next to him in their faces swinging his shirt around like a fucking moron. She may suck, but he sucks a lot more. Read more

Love me some Donny Hathaway. Amazing live album. Read more

If you flauta grammar rules, everyone has the right to comment.
Read more

From the sound, that’s one crunchy taco. Read more

Ok, trolling. Thanks for clarifying. Read more

Yet another former Cleveland player who had to go elsewhere to get a ring. Read more

That would make him the only Astro who could even come close to hitting 315. Read more

Everyone has been telling Amador he should try out for The Biggest Loser. Read more

Referee: "Because of these unusual circumstances, the match will be struck." Read more

The shootout doesn't appear to be going anywhere—though there's a large portion of fans who don't see what's wrong with ties Read more

Great article. Have an orange slice and a juicebox. Read more

You have got to stop asking Kentuckians these confusing questions. This time, they thought you wanted to know their favorite type of penny. Read more

There's Gibbons involved, so technically it's a bestiality post. Read more