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Honestly, I feel this more relative than anything. The Journey is currently marketed towards people who need to cram a lot of people in a space, need it to have a warranty, and can’t really afford to plop down the dough for a better offering. And remember, sometimes it’s easier to finance a new vehicle than it is a Read more

I want to adopt a failed bomb detecting or police dog as I, too, am terrible at following instructions. Read more

Why is it “female pilot” instead of pilot? Think about it. Read more

The fate of trillions of beings depends on whether they purchased the Standard or Professional edition of Microsoft Project. Read more

Who gets to decide what’s right or wrong? The rulers do, and whatever you do can be seen as a threat.
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Those aren’t bulldozers, they are front-end loaders. This is a bulldozer.

File this one under "Stuff only white people can do" Read more

When I was a child on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, a B-36 flew over at an extremely low level. We heard the aircraft before we saw it fly directly overhead at only several hundred feet. Read more

I have a feeling that this article is going to be a very depressing read 20-40 years from now. Read more

Fascinating; too bad none of it matters. The problem is not finding evidence—there's mountains of it. The problem is that no amount of evidence will ever be enough. The disconnect is not in the scientific or historical record, it is in the brains of conspiracy theorists. Their desperate psychological need to Read more

Am I the only one incredibly distracted by the state of this dude's hands?? Read more

That was incredible, also what I saw mostly is a lot of people who don't mind being beheaded standing right where the tow strap will be when it breaks. Yikes. Read more

Oh, these are all very straightforward: Read more

And yet depictions of breastfeeding are still banned without consideration. Read more