I respect your response, but I feel quite differently. I would’ve been turned off if all they had done was adapted FF7 blow by blow. (Not to the level of a hashtag, but in the “unlikely to buy at release” camp.) I’ve already played that game. I go back and play it sometimes. It’s great; just port it periodically so Read more

̶N̶e̶t̶f̶l̶i̶x̶’̶s̶ The Witcher Is More About Politics Than Monster Hunting. Read more

Here’s another winner it came up with:

Are you really trying to well actually someone who is opening up about the loss of a parent?
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Ah, good old autotranslate:

I watched the 13-minute cut and it was probably the most emotional I’ve felt about Final Fantasy since, like, FF12. I hope it gets subtitled so more people can see it. Read more

rude of the email of the week to make me cry tbh. Read more

If it’s aiming for the realism of war, the part where you abandon the rebels to be ethnically cleansed should be interesting. Read more

Did you see it in Addison, IL?  Because “YES KISS” was probably me hahaha Read more

There are some games that I have to pretend don’t exist. Read more

I’m somewhat disappointed in Hasan (but still support him), bc he could easily avoided this drama by being less outrageous in his wording by rather saying that the responsibility for 9/11 was largely a function of US imperialism in the Middle East, which lead to the creation and objectives of Al Qaida.
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[Rubs hands together] Aw yeah, I’ve been looking forward to 2019's Why Your Executive Team Sucks series. Read more

Unsurprisingly the top comment and general theme here is “censorship: bad,” rather than “empathy: good.” Read more

They're making changes out of respect, not censorship. Not every edit is a "censor." People use the word too much. Read more

I don’t think I have ever sat and thought on a dialogue choice as long as I did in this instance in any game.”

A certain rooftop scene in Life is Strange did this to me. It was agonizing. 
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Kinda sad that the only endings for Mass Effect 3 were 2 genocides and a “rape the universe” scenario. Read more

Battletoads *definitely* made me a nihilist, at least for a while. Read more