Dec 10 2018

After a few drinks and some time with GIMP, I made this cluster for my daily driver smart five years ago. It’s been about 120k miles since then and the thing still puts a smile on my face.

Apr 28 2018

Nice, hope the project goes well. And I like the AT-AT window sticker—I got a similar one for my brother a while ago.

Apr 28 2018

Rare to see a lady that wrenches on her own VW Bug. Most folks who own that kind of car tend to just run them into the ground, sell it, and get a used PT Cruiser.

Apr 12 2018

Well, we (collectively, as the United States of Jalopnik) have Nibbles for now. He is an international treasure to be beholden by all, as the almighty hamster that spins the Kinja wheel and keeps the lights on. Praise Nibbles. Do not mess with Nibbles. Keep Nibbles happy at all times.