9:26 AM

I’m a Volvo 240 fanatic and I was all NP for this conversion until I noticed it was has the M47 manual transmission. I kinda say CP for just the purpose of hating they took a rarely optioned 240 and turned it into a rally beast. But I still say NP because it has the rare extra stock dash gauge pods with the original tr Read more

2:18 PM

My mom had a 99 Audi A4 Avant 2.8 Quatro with the S package and a 01 yellow 5 speed VW Turbo Beetle back in 01. I at the time had a 99 midnight blue 5 speed VW Turbo Beetle that I would use to race against her on back roads. She would kick my ass every time I tried to race against her Audi and I could only get around

1:20 PM

If you are ever in or around Charlotte, NC just let me know and we can work together on a YouTube video. Read more

9:33 PM

When you changed the transmission fluid did you do it as a drain and fill or did you do a power flush via the transmission fluid input line that go into the radiator? If you only did a drain and fill then there is still old fluid in the transmission which would cause the shifting issues to occur still. Also the Read more

4:23 PM

I would love to obtain authorship so I can post about my automotive adventures and my families Beetle restoration project. As a former lizard person I promise there will be no assholishness posted!

2:20 PM

Sadly I have heard it a few times from people who don’t know that I’m trans while a group of us are having a conversation about local politics. As a fellow Charlotte-area person you probably know about all the craziness from HB2 that happened here in NC. As a trans person living a life where most people don’t know Read more

12:09 PM

Thanks for the warm welcome! I really hope to get authorship soon! I’m still learning how everything works with Kinja.

9:53 AM

I haven’t really updated my Tumblr in a while due being so busy with work and stuff at home. Heck my old YouTube channel hasn’t been updated in almost 3 years. Read more

2:44 PM

I had to trade in my Honda Civic about a year ago to get something bigger since my kids are now 10 and playing sports. So I got a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and at the same time I got my partner a 2017 Hyundai Elantra. Recently I inherited a 2002 VW Beetle from my step dad after it had pretty much sat for almost 5-6 Read more

11:33 AM

Just when I finally caught up with you by getting a 3rd car! Craigslist here I come!

10:28 AM

I’m a massive Volvo 240 fanatic and even I say CP on this one! I know that the 240's with a 5 speed are rare but not worth $14,500. Now if it was a 93 245 Classic edition with a low serial number then maybe.

11:47 AM

I think Honda derailed themselves from being cool again when they made the CR-Z. They could have had a best seller on their hands if they didn’t make it a hybrid. Now as far as Toyota I don’t hold out much hope for them trying to be cool since they can’t even design anything cool anymore without having to reach out Read more

6:34 PM

You shouldn’t be responsible for those overdraft fees at all. They should refund the fees and allow you to close the account. The main customer service center should be able to take care of that and if they don’t then you should just demand to speak to a manager at the customer service call center. Worst case let me Read more