Dec 20 2018

This is an atrociously stupid decision given what is happening on the ground in Afghanistan, just like the Syria decision but somehow managing to be even worse, as the security situation on the ground in Afghanistan is worse. Read more

Dec 19 2018

Reserving judgement simply because Ron Perlman set an impossibly high bar for the character.

Dec 18 2018

Fuck Benjamin Netanyahu with a rusty rake, but there’s an enormous and meaningful difference between “I dislike the shameful way the state of Israel treats Palestinians” and “David Icke is telling the truth, people, and you should read and believe his books”. Read more

Dec 14 2018

I see that “High Functioning Sociopath” is putting in extra time whoring for child killers. Flag’n’dismiss that piece of shit.

Dec 13 2018

So by this logic whoever ends up prosecuting (or not, most likely) this case can’t have had any contact with police officers or police unions. Read more

Dec 12 2018

Oh it gets better. Someone tracked down one of those reps and asked about his vote. His comments on Yemen were roughly “I don’t know a damn thing and it didn’t belong there and the resolution wouldn’t do anything”. So he; Read more

Dec 11 2018

Another variant of his only take, this time without any argument whatsoever.

Dec 6 2018

You can’t just make a laundry list of Nice Things and then arbitrarily credit capitalism for all of them. Read more

Dec 6 2018

If you think social systems aren’t being mismanaged and destroyed, then you have a giant blind spot.

Dec 6 2018

I hear that capitalism also makes the sun come up every morning and is the reason for every puppy’s smile.
Read more

Dec 5 2018

You know the whole “Arabist or China hand” thing is really a lot more skeevy than it seems. Because the people he’s lionizing there did a ton of damage. There definitely were people far ahead of their time, white elites who truly engaged and thrived in other cultures and studied them without the racism and other flaws Read more

Dec 5 2018

What is the point of your comment? You admit that this sucks for them and the legislation is unfair, so... why the need to be a jerk about it? Because you think they had it coming or what? Read more

Nov 30 2018

Moulton is trash. All the unearned confidence of a mediocre white man mixed with the “superior centrist” nonsense that’s just as insufferable. Read more

Nov 30 2018

Sadly, no, they are not better than that, and their shameful behavior in this thread proves it. People who have a single racist blind-spot are still racist. 

Nov 29 2018

I see you edited your comment to make it even more blatantly racist, appealing to the very common racist cliche of “Arab lands”, as if Arabs are a single monolithic mass. You’re just parroting the most vile and bigoted “pro-Israel” junk you can pull out of your racist ass now huh? Read more