Feb 8

So do people think that comparing the 46% of Americans who voted for the Republican to Hitler/Third Reich is going to “unify” this country? I’ve been hearing quite a few yell “unity” and then say they want to deprogram all Trump voters. Just be honest that you want a political war and stop this disingenuous call for Read more

Feb 5

One thing worth noting on this sort of an article, I added a boot SSD to a laptop with a spinning-rust HDD already in it, and ran in to so many headaches with Windows because even when I did a FRESH install onto the SSD, it still kept the boot partition on the HDD.
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Jan 27

Glad the “BUT TYPOS” topic was breached. It’s completely unprofessional to offload the blame. You wrote the message, you sent the message, take responsibility for the message.

Dec 17

Climate change is a global problem, and when china is doing things like building insane amounts of coal power plants, is forcing electric cars on the american public really going to help much?  Not to mention the fact that electric cars really aren’t that green, due to all the heavy metal mining that is needed for Read more

Nov 12

The highest GVWR in a single-rear-wheel variant is 9950 pounds. Ford is claiming similar payloads (ho similar TBD) to the gas variant, which makes complete sense, since fleets need to maintain common capacities to have a vehicle in rotation. Can you imagine being an Amazon dispatcher, and have a handful of vans that Read more

Sep 29

What?!? No “Baking with Dave” video covering how to actually create our own tasty German goodies?
Just think of the crossover clicks from Takeout!

Sep 23

Neutral - Carvana isn’t a manufacturer selling new cars, Tesla is.
Big difference in new car dealership franchise laws/requirements and used car re-sellers.

Jun 12

I just want to say that Changli EV is cool and good, just like the Republic of China and a democratic Hong Kong.

Jun 11

I’m more interested in the F-150 hybrids with integrated generators. Range and towing cancel each other out in an EV, but a hybrid that gets decent mileage, can tow, and can act like a generator? Winner winner.

May 13

They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight
Sequential turbos hauling freight
Big and chrome and forged, it’s true!
They’re the Forced Induction Crew
All with different roles to play
trading goods or pinks the same
Down the hills and round the bends
Thomas and his friends