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10:45 AM

Meh, I was just using it to point out that you will need to do the head bolts and the AIRMATIC will eventually need repair and stuff from the MBUSI plant in the 2000s didn’t ave the greatest body electrical quality. Then there’s the $2,000 brake jobs. Great cars, just very expensive to run and beyond ruinous to fix if Read more

3:12 PM

I...don’t like E46s. They rust really badly, they feel super outdated and they typically look worse than their predecessors and successor. They’re also way less reliable than N52-powered E90s (full cooling system issues, more body electrical issues, subframes that crack if you drive like a chode) and have inferior Read more

10:04 AM

Common failure points include water pump and t-stat every 70k miles or so, VANOS solenoids, VCGs, oil filter housing gaskets and cupholders. While that sounds like a lot, I am coming from something that’s supposed to be an oil-burning, synchro-munching, bushing-destroying, cam sensor-cooking, gallery gasket-decimating Read more

7:18 PM

If it’s anything like the N52 it shouldn’t be too bad unless you have an xDrive car. You’ll need e-torx sockets and extensions and replacement water pump bolts (they’re torque-to-yield) but it’s all pretty logical.