Gaying Mantis Toboggan
Jun 29

Trump in particular is a dead man walking, will be out of office in January”

I’ll believe it in January.

If anybody truly wants him out of office, do not listen to the polls or pundits.  Go out and vote no matter what!

Jun 29

“We do not make exceptions for political or newsworthy content...”

Shots fired at Twitter, which has had its “public interest” exception/disclaimer going strong for the past 3 and a half years to absolve itself of its own self-stated responsibility. Read more

Jun 28

How cute, expecting regulations from an administration that has gotten rid of water safety regulations.

Jun 27

Which is a shame. The Critic was criminally underrated. 

Jun 26

Weirdest reaction to this news: Tons of folks (bots?) on Twitter deciding this means that Johnny Depp is being pushed aside by the franchise (no one has said he’s not in one or both of these movies) and that Amber Heard is clearly the real villain of the tale.

(These folks seem to have missed all the reports of Depp Read more

Jun 26

Maybe it was because they finally figured out that having a oozing nugget of dick cheese nurturing his little cheeselets with his droll brand of hatred and dick swinging wasn’t really in their long term best interest. One can hope the douche fades into obscurity and then steps on a rake.

Jun 26

Twitch HQ was ashamed when Marie Kondo visited.

Jun 26

Maybe Twitch has finally realized that the platform is big enough that it doesn’t need to indulge individual celebrity assholes to survive. Read more

Jun 24

The simplest solution would be for Netflix to assume that I shut off the movie in the middle of the end credits for a reason and no, I do not want to watch the last four minutes of scrolling names.

May 1

Fuck this game for delaying a real single player fallout game until 2035.

Nov 28 2018

Anyone else miss the old Yes/No system for just this game? I would have loved to see a NO, or better yet NOPE