Gaying Mantis Toboggan
1:09 AM

I know drag queens were an underground thing back in that day but you’d think at least one person on the set would think about tucking his penis instead of literally shrinking it with pills with who knows what kind of side effects. It’s not that difficult to do and far less emasculating than actually debiggening his Read more

2:04 PM

I agree it’s a valid choice to say it costs too much or that only 5% of their player base if female. But they also went into the nonsense of declaring this situation being lore related. That’s why people are commenting when they’d normally ignore it. I know I’d do exactly that if they had said the first two reasons I Read more

1:57 PM

What we do know is the game creators claim there is a lore reason for this situation but provide no lore from their game to prove such an assertion. Either they’re trolling people, incompetent or too lazy to look up something that should be easy to provide if it actually existed before today. Even in this day and age Read more

1:51 PM

Please degrey me so I can respond, I go back to the days when Gawker actually existed and reported on celebrity sightings in NY.

1:49 PM

The outstanding point that I should shut up and only make my displeasure known by not buying the game? Genius! 

1:44 PM

Ugh, when was free will cancelled? People can vote in any way they want. Money, their feet, the ballot box, with their words, whatever. You don’t get to declare what it the appropriate way to do things because certain avenues might be easier for you and others might make you uncomfortable.
Read more

1:37 PM

Wanting equal representation isn’t about politics, it’s about people wanting to be involved with all of the world has to offer from a perspective that they can relate to. It’s an easy thing to miss when the world is, by default, designed for your gender, sexuality and race. I can understand a game company saying we Read more

10:58 AM

Have you ever expressed this opinion to skinny white women at the beach showing off way, way, way more.

1:21 PM

Both my PC and Xbox are connected to my TV. You don’t have to chain yourself to a desk chair to play PC games, you can sit in your nice comfy recliner or couch like me.

8:05 PM

AARP should make this a rallying cry to get new members to join. As video game players get older we need games to adjust to that fact.

8:01 PM

Lovely formatting is useless if you cannot read it easily or at all without moving from the couch to stand next to the tv. I’d much rather be able to enlarge the fonts and have a sloppy looking UI than have a UI that I struggle to read.

3:04 PM

And what papers have you written on the subject? What seminars have you hosted discussing esoteric elements of the milieu? Then what right do you have to pretend to know what’s really going on in such an incredibly complex world? He spoke as a person who clearly described what level of knowledge they have about the Read more

10:30 PM

I hope we get an explanation as to why our communications with the original Earth was completely cut off. Co-opting the board so it has to treat employees like human beings would also be a good DLC. After all, if you think helping people out that way is stupid you could always bring the board together to make you CEO Read more

2:51 AM

I’ve watched Bojack countless times but only made it through the first three Tuca & Bertie episodes. I wanted to love it like I do Bojack but couldn’t make it work. Seeing how it was canceled after one season I think that’s the majority response to it.

4:46 PM

Or, to blow as many minds as possible, a gruff sounding, androgynous woman. It’ll make the response to female Ghostbusters seem sane.