Mini Guy- Now has a 4Runner
Jan 16 2020

Look at you with your fancy paved driveway.

Oct 15 2019

And that was the year with the new prototype that had no speed. In 2016, even the Deltawing should have had a double digit lap advantage on the 911s in normal condition.

Oct 14 2019

For me, it was my first time ever out on a roadcourse. VIR, twin 8 hour ChampCar races. I drove 2 hours in each race. Boy, was that shit terrifying. I crawled through the roller coaster every lap.

Oct 14 2019

It has to be the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix. Jenson Button wins in torrential conditions after: crashing into Lewis Hamilton and taking him out the race, serving a stop-go penalty for speeding behind the safety car, crashing into Fernando Alonso and taking him out of the race, getting a puncture and rejoining dead last, Read more

Oct 3 2019

The reverb off the buildings might make that the best spot to own one.

Aug 12 2019

FOR WEEKS I legitimately did not shut up about how the MLS Cup Final was in a stadium with over 70,000. The atmosphere is bananas.

Apr 26 2019

So it seems pretty clear that Thor Lebowski is going to be a huge Halloween costume this year, right?

Apr 25 2019

wait what. what happened to the “HUEEEE 800HP OF AMERICAN V8 RACING GIT SUM” I’ve been hearing about for years? Read more

Apr 10 2019

Absolutely agreed. That’s why I bought this 3 months ago:

Mar 25 2019

A great way to save Williams from running last.

Mar 25 2019

On the bright side, the Indy cars are 44 seconds faster than the Miata Cup cars.

Mar 18 2019

On the rotor itself, I’m bothered exactly ZERO amount since the pads will remove it within the 1st brake press.

However, the rust on the area between wheel and the rotor irks me to no end. There’s no reason for that area to rust on a mid to high end vehicles. 

Mar 11 2019

But... Where is the completely immature joke of old Top Gear’s Peniston Oil and Larsen’s Biscuits...?