E.T's Bicycle
Dec 23 2015

I don’t know the answer to the housing crisis, but moving to the midwest is at the bottom of the list.

Dec 23 2015

I was wondering when this was going to show up in a Tavarish special. Read more

Dec 23 2015

what do the the colors represent in the lead image? what’s the difference between blue 62 in Southern Cali, versus a red 62 in Eastern Michigan?

Dec 21 2015

Tyler, whether your articles/posts are 5 words or 5000 words, you always provide interesting, unique, and insightful information. Keep it the heck up!

Dec 20 2015

But it should be, is my point. Money only paints a small, and rather distorted, part of the picture. I don’t care how much money somebody else is making, but I do care how popular something I enjoyed is.

Dec 7 2015

Because it’s true? And especially in the case of a boondoggle like the F-35 you see the massive waste and and fraud that the military industrial complex inflicts on the country.

Nov 24 2015

Ugh, for the 212,235,623 time: Yes, we know, FWD+winters is better than AWD+all seasons. Apples and oranges are different. We saw the videos and smug commenters. Read more

Nov 23 2015

I like the interface.

Nov 20 2015

For those saying America is lagging behind the technology, Connecticut pulled a similar trick last year. Closed the highway late Friday, had it open before the Monday commute.

Nov 6 2015

Really mixed on it. Loved the style, did not care for the substance. Read more

Nov 5 2015

I like to think all of my tax dollars were spent this way instead on perpetual war.

Nov 1 2015

No, it’s science bloggers who need page views and the 24-hour news media which needs all sensation all the time who do that. Most scientists still do things properly- following the scientific method, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, etc.