E.T's Bicycle
Dec 23 2015

I don’t know the answer to the housing crisis, but moving to the midwest is at the bottom of the list.

Dec 23 2015

what do the the colors represent in the lead image? what’s the difference between blue 62 in Southern Cali, versus a red 62 in Eastern Michigan?

Dec 21 2015

Tyler, whether your articles/posts are 5 words or 5000 words, you always provide interesting, unique, and insightful information. Keep it the heck up!

Dec 20 2015

But it should be, is my point. Money only paints a small, and rather distorted, part of the picture. I don’t care how much money somebody else is making, but I do care how popular something I enjoyed is.

Dec 7 2015

Because it’s true? And especially in the case of a boondoggle like the F-35 you see the massive waste and and fraud that the military industrial complex inflicts on the country.

Nov 24 2015

Ugh, for the 212,235,623 time: Yes, we know, FWD+winters is better than AWD+all seasons. Apples and oranges are different. We saw the videos and smug commenters. Read more

Nov 20 2015

For those saying America is lagging behind the technology, Connecticut pulled a similar trick last year. Closed the highway late Friday, had it open before the Monday commute.

Nov 1 2015

No, it’s science bloggers who need page views and the 24-hour news media which needs all sensation all the time who do that. Most scientists still do things properly- following the scientific method, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, etc.