Gaseous Clay, Still Prone to Hyperbole
3:12 PM

Here is why they despised her: She was a woman who didn’t put a man first in her life. She had the fucking audacity to have a career and identity that wasn’t tied to her man. Just like the men that hated her for that so did the weak ass white women that have been nurtured, instructed and told to believe that the needs

2:55 PM

I just feel like you’re underestimating the number of white women who despised Hillary Clinton for all the same dumb, toxic reasons their husbands did.

2:20 PM

For those too ignorant to look up and learn about basic US History, Richard Nixon was drummed out of office for less than this. We know The GOP are soulless craven sacks of shit but there is no fucking reason we haven’t taken to the damn streets and demanded his fucking removal from office. Bill Clinton was impeached

2:48 PM

It just sounds like she’s a woman, married to a mega-celebrity, who’s normally tired of having to talk to fucking TMZ every time she’s in public, but especially so since her husband just almost fucking died. But nah, probably just some female-on-female jealousy.

2:03 PM

Not really. You can walk around with a fatal concussion for a good while until you slip into unconsciousness and die.

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1:59 PM

How has Stephens not been deluged by people randomly showing up to call him a bedbug in front of his wife and kids? 

7:42 PM

i’M coNViNcED i’M cLeVEr bEcAUsE i’m mAkInG aN aRTiCLe oN PeE aLL aBoUt mY oWn thIN sKiN rEgaRDiNg sOcIAl cHaNGe

4:38 PM

If you can learn, and train yourself to recognize, the difference between “I’m offended because I’m a self-important, moralizing person.” and “I’m offended because you’re minimizing actual harm that has happened to me because we live in an unjust system.” you will have made the first step toward being a better human

3:34 PM

I lost a beta Mox Sapphire, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk and Time Twister when I had a deck stolen at a tournament at Neutral Ground in New York. The police caught the thief thanks to security video footage, but I never got my deck back because he had already sold it.

9:09 AM

For me it’s the people that drive these that I hate. Some idiot doing 30 over and passing everyone on the right, Nissan driver. Changing 3 lanes last second in an interchange without even touching a turn signal or even looking, Nissan driver. Running a very red light while speeding, Nissan driver. Car doing 28 lane

1:46 PM

Was he an asshole who thought he’d prove it wasn’t a real hole by standing on a piece of art in a museum?

8:01 AM

Zaphod Beeblebrox: It's the weird colour scheme that freaks me. Every time you try to operate one of these weird black controls, which are labeled in black on a black background, a small black light lights up black to let you know you've done it.