Gary Yogurt
Apr 29

Ohhhhh I’m sorry but I will have to disagree on some of that..... Avalanche, Killer Fish, and Mac and Me were completely hysterical.

Sep 27

Red and white like the bloody phlegm you cough up as you succumb to your lung cancer, emphysema, etc. Read more

Sep 5 2019

They were called Bloke Caps/Hats or Scally Caps where I’m from.

Sep 5 2019

THANK YOU. And that top one is a very nice Irish tweed one as well. I have one from Donegal and it’s comfy as hell.

Sep 5 2019

And to further nitpick, there are called “flat caps” because the crown is attached to the visor so it lays flat and doesn’t puff up. Baker Boy / Poorboy / Newsboy / Anyotherkindof Boy caps stand a little away from the visor.

Sep 5 2019

They made about 21 million of then so there should be a few boxer ones left to enjoy, if that’s your fancy.

Jun 4 2019

Guido Crepax’s art is all kinds of gorgeous, but I can’t help but ask y’all to tag yourself—I’m the woman on the pit wall who’s looking exceptionally done with that man’s shit.

Aug 16 2017

Some very fine people on both sides

Aug 15 2017

Aw. That’s not the one it duped.

Aug 12 2017

Go fuck yourself with having to jump in with your ‘it’s all the same on both sides’ bullshit. One group has a history of slavery, endemic and systemic racism, and a system designed to work against them. The other is mad they can’t be racist anymore. In case you missed it, go fuck yourself.

Aug 12 2017

Counter it doesn’t.

Aug 7 2017

Two stroke tuning. Even car enthusiasts are like, “Oh cool, ok. I’m going to get another beer, alright? You want anything?”

Aug 1 2017

Hopefully soon. I’ve never spoken to anybody that wants it who wasnt some form of vampire. I had to work a private event at his family’s horsefarm/distillery the day before preakness. It was a nightmare reality i will never forget.

Aug 1 2017

Yeah, being small! It’s nice to be able to fit in a Miata.