Jul 1

Dunno. Kinja gonna kinja, and so are the devs.

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Jun 30

They turned the stadium.and parking lot lights out just before the show. Behind me was the mall, which was a co-sponsor and thus made sure that a normally busy area was dark for the event.

Jun 23

This Ferrari used to sit in a parking lot or on the road outside my office window. About the same time, a story appeared in Auto Blog about it.

Apr 12

Thank you for remembering the first Shuttle flight. Usually every April 12th there are mentions of Gargarin’s flight (as there should be) but nothing about Shuttle. It was just bad luck that we didn’t launch on the 10th, as planned, but a minor glitch pushed us out till the 12th. Read more

Apr 12

If you count the four ground support arms then it DOES have eight limbs.

Apr 11

I really hope they let you hit turn 1 and 2 at speed before having to slow for the nasal swab on the backstretch! 

Apr 9

It ran a 192.3 mph trap speed at Le Mans in 2012, so I’m not sure where you got your “maybe hit 165” information.

Mar 22

Great shots. And I’m expecting a lot of indoor photography this week and next.