Sep 13 2017

Dear Mr. Jiefu Gong:

Thanks for ruining Huron River Drive for the rest of us with your assholery.

When this report first came out, I thought there was no way you were doing less than 3x the speed limit. Turns out you were 15mph shy of 4x.

Never drive a vehicle again. If you have the kind of money at 21 to buy a ‘Vette, Read more

Jul 18 2017

If I am dropping 135K for a bike, I want a higher redline and I don’t want it to act like a paint shaker

Jul 18 2017

I would hate to live a life so fragile, offended by anything and everything. You’re probably the kind of person who loses your shit and turns a pleasant day uncomfortable when you see political bumper stickers.

Jul 18 2017

The comments section is no place for that kind of language. Keep your opinions to yourself because no one cares.

Jul 18 2017

$135k for a stripped down motorcycle? Who do they think they are, Harley Davidson?

Jul 14 2017

Congratulations, and that’s exactly what the motorcycle safety course is for. For $350, anyone can find out if they really are gonna want to ride, without having to drop two grand (or more) on a motorcycle to figure it out. Read more