Aug 8 2017

my god lanesplitter is boring now......please god put some effort back into this....

Jul 18 2017

Pretty dumb to see you write all this and then complain its not for you....I honestly hope you dont get a bike and go out on the actual road because darwinism will take over....I just hope you dont hit another rider when it happens.. 

Mar 6 2017

Surprisingly he replied. Basically said that only freelancers can post, which sucks. Basically said no. Your article was the best thing that I have seen on here in a long time. Sucks that they can open it up to allow for more people to produce content.

Feb 28 2017

whats the best way to do that? I sent him an email, but seems he might be too busy of a guy to reply...

Feb 8 2017

Awesome article man, I really liked it and want to write stuff like this. I am very into bikes and have several, and while Im no big celebrity, some of my adventures I think might be entertaining for the blog.. Read more

Nov 25 2015

Lanesplitter is the shit! I didn’t realize that is was a small test venture, I walked into it thinking this a collection of the best motorcycle stuff on the net in one place. I vote hell yes keep going! I can wait to see what else you come up with!