9/28/16 11:30PM

Can we stop pretending this harambe shit isn’t an excuse for racist memes? Is it not plenty obvious that calling a black person harambe is racist?

9/28/16 7:46PM

You’ll know this meme is dead when NoA’s Treehouse shoehorns it into a game.

9/28/16 7:39PM

Can this meme just fucking die already. It’s just getting put into everything now to the point it’s expected.

9/19/16 3:00PM

I’ve seen far more offensive CRAPPLE ads, warning this video will give you lethal diarrhea

9/11/16 5:25AM

Stopped reading at “jetpack trick” I thought he was WALKING, not BULLSHITTING

9/09/16 2:33AM

I would have to think there will be a slimmed down option later down the road, maybe they just wanted to get a jump on the market before fleshing out something less ridiculous

9/01/16 11:09AM

All forms of advertiser-driven media have to be cognizant of whether or not advertisers will want their products associated with the content. Read more

9/01/16 11:06AM

So basically, Youtubers will have to follow basic TV standards, avoid strong language and controversial subject matters to keep the advertisers happy if they want to keep earning revenues.

9/01/16 11:05AM

Now all these socially inept ‘people’ will have to get actual jobs with their 0 real life skills. Guess I can assume I wont be getting a correct order on the first try at restaurants for a while.

8/22/16 12:01AM

No, I understand even though I think you’re reasoning is a stretch. And usually I can see the link for articles people complain about. In fact, the article I read right before this was the one about the breadwinner and I could see why it’s here without too much of a stretch (I had more of a laugh that everyone keeps Read more

8/21/16 9:06PM

I seriously had to check if I still on Gizmodo. Who is going to be the first person to explain why this article fits and I'm being narrow minded?

8/13/16 4:48PM

No option to turn off auto-reboot is fucked, I’m sitting on a severely un-updated windows 7 and I aint changing shit (do not hack me.)