Jul 3

I live in the deep south. It’s July. August will be soon. It’s already peaking at 100F + and today is 60% humidity on top of it. This is a not a mower. This is a torture box.

Jul 2

Are we reading the same article? Where are you reading such overt criticism of trucks in this article? Seems pretty damn objective to me, aside from the “silverado ugly” bit, which you even seem to agree with. Please point out the content that you think is hurting your/truck owners feelings. FYI: I own an F150, and I Read more

Jul 2

To be fair, even the engineers working on designing the current crop of full-size pickups hate them. Read more

Jul 1

I grew up in Germany - in a rather rural part, where public transportation was, as a result of lower density, not the big deal it was around the bigger cities. Even there, though, you could take a train to connect to the next city every hour or so, and that put you right into the national intercity train network. Read more

Jul 1

Just because our President is a racist asshole doesn’t mean you need to be one as well.

Jun 30

I didn’t think I’d see the words “leather fetish” published on this site, but I’m proud to be the first. And let’s discuss the convenience of a Jeep Wrangler: windshield down, good conversation with your fellow leather enthusiast lying on your hood. Pretty sure these folks are enjoying the open-air freedom of a

Jun 30

The problem right now is that there is a TON of truly unknowns. But what IS known is that the death rate from this virus is many magnitudes higher than for the common flu and more troubling- far more deadly for those whom are either older, have health issues or both.

The death rate at least for now appears to be going Read more

Jun 30

You realize this shit causes permanent injury to your body, right? Just because it might not kill you (and you don’t know that, since undiagnosed co-morbidities are, well, undiagnosed) doesn’t mean it won’t put you on oxygen for the rest of your life, or bruise your heart, or force you to get weekly blood transfusions Read more

Jun 30

How am I? Not great. Been working from home since late February for the sole purpose of trying to bend the curve out here in California. Apparently that didn’t mean jack shit because now guess what? Over 8,000 cases yesterday. And over the weekend as I was staying busy in my garage I saw tons of happy go lucky young Read more

Jun 29

I’m an old school type of guy. ‘So let it be written. So let it be done.’ is my go-to.