Well there’s your problem right there. The cats go on the inside of the internet. Read more

Salesman: *slaps dish* “This baby will hold 5 cats!” Read more

They’re just catching some rays.
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I don’t understand the business model of BO and Virgin when it comes to this. There are few people that are going to be willing to pay these costs, even when you measure then in the realms of Hundreds of Thousands of dollars like Virgin does. I don’t give a rats ass who they say have ‘signed up’, I’ll beleive it when Read more

My experience is mostly with kidney beans and if I do not throw out that brown fluid after I soak them, I end up with some sever gastrointestinal distress. There are indigestible sugars in there that go clear through to the colon, where they are broken down into obnoxious gasses. This is from about 50 years of Read more

Weirdly, I’ve also heard that some people that were suffering from long covid were actually cured by the vaccine when given it. Just get the vaccine. There is NO case where covid is better for you. Read more

“the review authors argue that a focus on boosters will sap resources away from the more impactful strategy of getting people their first doses.” Read more

They even accounted for a possible nudge exerted by OSIRIS-REx when it grabbed a sample of surface material on October 20, 2020 (it turned out to be negligible) Read more

Having been a programmer for more than 35 years, there’s something...obscene...to me about a piece of software needing 8GB of memory to run. :-/
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Christ, and I thought the 10% size Benchy—affectionately known as the ‘smol bote’ —I printed on my Anycubic Photon was small! 😬

Well du, if we hadn’t filed all those death certificates, those people would still be alive! Read more

Harry Potter and the Self-Greasing Pole is the 12th book in the series Read more

Waiting for that cat licking the plate to knock the next domino over is as tense as a Hitchcockian thriller. Read more

This is only slightly less ambitious than when Kennedy said we’re sending a man to the moon... Read more

That is actually part of the exam to get your barber’s license. I used to play ‘pick-up-sticks’ with a barber - I did not have a chance.
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Are they gonna call it ... the Plasticine? Hahahahaahahahaah hhhaaaa hooooo. oh boy. haha. Read more

There was a study early this year indicating that one of my medications works better in people consuming approximately 200mg of caffeine with it. Read more