A hit is hard to resist and I never miss
Apr 15

I don’t think this had anything to do with heart. He was buying $800 ventilators and trying to pass them for $50,000 units. So for a thousand units he was probably going to get some sort of future $50mil writeoff for an $800k investment plus all the good publicity. He is too smart for this not to be planned and Read more

Feb 10 2020

An oil change place failed to tighten the oil filter; a tire change place “forgot” that I asked for new o-rings on the TPMS valves; a battery change place forgot to tighten the battery terminals after they replaced the battery; an alignment place forgot to tighten the jam nuts on the tie rods. Read more

Dec 10 2019

Dammit, you chucklefuck, your intentions were perfectly clear. You wanted to hurt and embarrass a total stranger because some stray gross impulse darted across your lizard brain and being a white male, you never even thought to resist or question it. You honestly expected her to find that funny or at least “laugh it Read more

Nov 26 2019

There’s rules requiring a speedy trial, too, but that hasn’t prevented plenty of people from languishing in pre-trial detention for months or even years. Looking at you, NYC. 

Nov 4 2019

Doolittle isn’t just the very best of the Nationals. He’s the best of baseball. We need a thousand more players like him.

Nov 4 2019

You forgot Sean Doolittle, who is the very best of the Nationals. Doo is the best. He had the guts to state publicly why he wasn’t going. And he and his wife walk the walk and talk the talk in community activism. They hosted Thanksgiving dinner for Syrian refugees and got the community involved, when he was with Read more

Sep 19 2019

As with any article about Real Salt Lake, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone how stupid the name “Real Salt Lake” is, since it means “Royal Salt Lake” in a country with no monarchy.

Sep 6 2019

“[T]he security team also has no interest in dealing with fans like that, since their job is to protect the wrestlers and not the fans.” Read more

Sep 2 2019

Same reason I always order a shot with my beer. Can't get drunk on whiskey if you're buying beer. It's just math. 

Aug 27 2019

When even Gronk is smart enough to retire, it’s hard to hold a grudge against Andrew Luck

Aug 1 2019

Full-time caregiving is a profession (most often unpaid) requiring a specific set of skills and not suited to all personality types. For incredibly obvious reasons, not everyone can be a soldier. Or a mathematician. Or a stage performer. Or a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant or a teacher, etc. It would be absurd to Read more

May 17 2019

OSU Medical Director/Head Team Physician John Lombardo wrote in a letter that “her concerns are based on rumors which have been generated for 10 years with no foundation.” Read more

Mar 29 2019

God, the whole idea of a shared Google account just gives me a headache. Seriously, just kill the account and start a new one.

Feb 27 2019

I mean, say what you will about Elizabeth Holmes, but my god is she an amazing pioneer in the field of gender equality for massive corporate con-jobs. 

Feb 14 2019

If you’re not under violence, fight without violence. If someone tries to kill you, fight like a fucking demon however you need to, in order to survive. This guy has it right. Read more

Feb 11 2019

Luckily after these two incidents the Panthers instituted safety policies that ensured that stray pucks would only ever hit empty seats.

Feb 4 2019

They’d simply shoot Nick for inciting wolves to attack an officer. Then they’d shoot the older male wolf for disorderly conduct and arrest the younger wolf on intent to distribute. The later charge will come about once “evidence” of meth on one of the wolves (despite no prior arrests of said wolf). ICE will detain the Read more

Jan 31 2019

Well, as an Oregonian, ya gotta remember, technically black folk weren’t even allowed to live in the state longer than a year. I mean you could but a public flogging was involved.

I mean, Portland plays the progressive game pretty well but as a white dude, it often seems like it’s more just virtue signaling than Read more