1 hr ago

He heard about the 30-50 feral hog meme and, as per usual, took it way too far.

2 hrs ago

Trump doesn’t want another war in the Middle East because it will cost him re-election. He ran on Not Being The World’s Cop.

5:55 PM

He has done the same thing with Russia and North Korea as well, especially all his shit talk about NK and KJU. Russia he placates because he is tied monetarily to them through the oligarchs. He went along with the sanctions kicking and screaming though and after Congress would overturn his veto.

5:48 PM

You don’t need to spray a roach that long to kill it.  Why the fuck did he try to empty the whole goddamn bottle into the face of this MAN?!??!? chicken shit ass chops

5:33 PM

I don’t think any of us are opposed to people cooperating with the police. I think this is a unique case though. This guy, through his music, his social media, and through surrogates would talk about how tough he was and about loyalty. I think it is interesting and humorous to somehow quickly all of that went out the

4:21 PM

Earlier in this thread, which I’m assuming you read before you responded to it, I said that I’m not a proponent of the death penalty. I’m not calling for his execution. However I don’t mind too much if something bad happens to particularly horrible people. Ed Buck is particularly horrible.

2:58 PM

I would note that Wen’s career was largely a public health (and thus public policy) one rather than healthcare delivery, although her education was largely limited to medicine (which does kind of raise the question of why M and DPH’s aren’t in charge of more things).