Feb 26

It is kind of hard to get behind reparations as they come off as “Give me something for the wrongs inflicted on my ancestors”. And ignore the wrongs inflicted on the ancestors of so many other groups. Read more

Feb 26

Whelp, they can be just as sorry in jail. Fine by me. Then let’s see them navigate the life of an ex-felon what with losing their right to vote, struggling to find a job, or a place to live. Read more

Feb 26

You used your position and influence to get a job in congress handed to you. You then proceeded to lose your position, your influence, your ownership stake, and your election. Well done dumbass

Feb 24

It may not be unsafe, but it is bound to be disappointing.  One would get more satisfaction and food with a rotating hotdog and a slurpee.

Feb 23

Can we finally admit that Tiger needs help? He has become completely addicted to being the comeback story. #masters2023

Feb 23

I live near that intersection where the accident occurred. Hawthorne Blvd. is very steep (he would have been going downhill), with a curve and a stoplight at Blackhorse Lane. It’s easy to exceed the posted speed limit, due to the steepness of the road. In fact, there’s a runaway truck ramp further down the hill Read more

Feb 15

To be fair, Graham isn't wrong: this worthless, soulless grifter with bottled hair, capped veneers and a chinless, brainless husband whom she's just waiting on to die DOES represent the future of the Republican party.

Feb 11

Read my comment again. I didn’t say they never happen, just that I’ve never seen one myself. But then I don’t pay attention to every single Amber Alert across the entire nation. 

Feb 11

There was never going to be conviction. They could present a memo labeled “From the desk of Donald J. Trump” dated January 6th with the sentence “Storm the capitol and bring me the head of Mike Pence” written with a Sharpie in Trump’s own hand with his trademark signature and you would have people like preening fop Read more

Aug 12 2019

I expect farmers to disassemble their cows and hogs, preferably near a smoke pit, to keep them from traumatizing my car every day. Read more