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I had almost the same thing happen to me around that age - the only difference was mine was a boy, and he kept trying to show me his underwear. Read more

And the Collector’s Edition comes with a real Pip-Boy that you put your phone into and install an app so that you can access the game’s menus using your real Pip-Boy on your real wrist!

Does the game know what to know at you based on how you make your character look? Read more

I don’t even like Doom, but this looks great! Read more

I’d likely be iffy about that too, I mean, I read these “horror stories” about guests wearing white and if I didn’t know the bride I’d likely be popping Ativan till I spotted someone in more white than me. I’m glad it turned out to be nbd =)

I work for them, so thanks! Paying back your loans = the profits go towards grants for new students every year. Read more

That is insanely responsible of you. Never ever ever are those people getting more than my minimum required payment. The government and I both know that they’re not getting their $150k back, so I refuse to pretend. Read more

No, you should be more considerate. I roll my eyes at people who scream about spoilers after something has been out for a while, too. Read more

I have a great-great aunt Dolly! Read more

Years ago I read a book called ‘Overdresses: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion’. It was really eye opening, and what was really surprising is how little we now expect to pay for our clothes in comparison to the past. We have trades quality for quantity, and have produced so much waste as a result. I guess if Read more

Yeah, but even awful felatio is great. Read more

His eternal weepy face is too hard to capture

Real estate flyer guy is CLEARLY Daario. How does he not see that? Read more

I'm with you on that, I was just being a pedantic ass. And still, I forgot to include those born with both genitalia who would lower that 50/50 number. But probably not having a cat. Read more

Dammit, that’s a sexual fantasy I didn’t need to incorporate into my psyche!!! Read more

Definitely. Also I want pizza now. Read more

I attended a lovely gazelle wedding once. It was a straight wedding though so it’s cool. Read more

I understand why this was an upsetting experience, but tattoo artists refuse jobs all the time for all sorts of reasons. Many have a no necks, no hands policy - it’s quite common. And, as you discovered, what’s off-limits to one artist is totally okay with another - you were able to get exactly what you wanted in the Read more