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Sep 26 2017

how are they going to remind you about the options you DIDN’T buy?

Aug 31 2017

I live here. In the areas most affected (that means underwater,) there haven’t been ways to immediately get to a shelter. They have had to wait for rescue, or brave the floodwaters to get to relative safety. Some of these folks have been flooded out of their homes before they could grab provisions. Some were able to Read more

Aug 28 2017

I’m always genuinely impressed when I discover a mainstream car model that’s so under the radar that I didn’t know about its existence. I’ll lump this in with the Hyundai Azera and Kia Borrego (which I also only just learned about this year).

Aug 28 2017

Good gods, i hate that thing. My bf, on the other hand, loves it. (Styling-wise, anyway).. I think he sees what they were going for, not what it actually looks like. lol. That thing has to be one of the ugliest vans ever made.

Aug 28 2017

Had a falcon get trapped on my condo balcony one time. It just couldn’t figure out how to get space to get airborne. The glass balcony walls probably confused it. Anyway, not sure how long it’d been out there when I saw it. So I opened the door and went out and sat down on a chair next to it and had a brief Read more

Aug 27 2017

OTOH, if you are not in a designated Flood Area, as I’m guessing is the case for many people since the flooding is so widespread, you aren’t even allowed to purchase flood insurance at any price. (Oh, and the flood insurance that exists is federally subsided and federally guaranteed, so even those who did pay for it Read more

Aug 27 2017

Can you not right now? Texas is a purple state that goes red because it’s gerrymandered to hell and back. It’s also home to Houston, the most diverse major city in the country, which is also getting hit the hardest. Read more

Aug 27 2017

Except most of these pictures come from Harris County where democrats swept local office in the last election and Hillary Clinton won comfortably.

Aug 27 2017

Took this this morning outside my complex. That bird is sitting on a fence over 7ft tall that’s on grass about 3-4 ft above the water.

Aug 27 2017

Apparently, it’s no problem. Just the media trying to make up fake news about an alleged hurricane that isn’t really causing any damage to anybody anywhere. Dumb press. Houston is fine! Drainage is handling all the wetness. All is well! (note: 12 people starred the comment below)

Aug 27 2017

We had mass evacuations ordered during Hurricane Rita in 2005 and it was a shit show. Even with the contraflow lanes that were put in place post-Rita, any mass evacuation from Houston would have been a similar mess. Read more

Aug 27 2017

Bayou behind my house was over the banks, and that’s before the rain started kicking in this morning. Neighborhood water is starting to rise. Read more

Aug 25 2017

You do realize that this story is about the United States Border Patrol, a federal agency, right?

Jun 13 2017

I think it looks cool too. At least different from most of the others. Then again, I like the Juke.