Fritz O' The Ham
6/16/21 10:15AM

While well intentioned, most of the advice above creates children that turn into unprepared adults as they enter the real world. We aren’t doing kids favors trying to soften every edge. Read more

6/14/21 1:53PM

Wow. I call my kid picky, so now I’m a “toxic parent”? Is it possible we’re maybe going a little too far with the labels here, hmm?

6/14/21 9:36AM

A slideshow-listicle seems inappropriate for a topic like this.

6/05/21 5:38PM

The answer is always George Carlin: randomly placed land mines!

5/24/21 4:53PM

Here are your biggest article writing errors:

5/05/21 3:32PM

It’s definitely a hard choice. Ours has handled it by allowing the choice each semester. I don’t want to commit them to an entire semester of remote learning when they might be vaccinated early on. I’m also hoping against hope that numbers will be way down by the fall due to vaccinations. I live in Michigan, we rank Read more

5/05/21 2:51PM

I have a 5 year old and nearly 8 year old. We are electing for in person school in the fall, and I really hope the vaccine gets emergency authorization for their age group in September like I read today. My 8 year old is very interested in science, and is constantly asking when he can get the vaccine. I just hope Read more

4/12/21 10:41AM

Just add “-pinterest” to your Google searches and it completely removes all pinterest domain results. Suddenly Google image search is useful again and you’re free from the Pinterest tumors that cling to your search results.

4/09/21 2:40PM

Pinterest: Where you can get google results with links of interesting looking things that absolutely, positively will not lead you to a webpage with any type of instructions or further information! Read more

4/06/21 2:33PM

But what am I going to do with my Lysol Sprinkler system now?

3/18/21 4:03PM

If I had the extra couple hundred a month, it would get lost in the month. I’d rather let the IRS play with my money for a year, get a decent refund, and spend that chunk on something worthwhile.

3/18/21 3:57PM

This all sounds great until you’re faced with a 4 digit tax bill due on a specific day, then you can either drain your savings OR accept a monthly payment plan with associated interest and penalties tacked on. Then you’re not only paying this year’s taxes, but LAST year’s taxes+interst/fees. Sure, you can stick it on Read more

3/08/21 10:28AM

How about an article for the people who are choosing not to send their kids back to school? How to deal with seeing their classmates on video, together. Understanding that they personally haven’t done anything wrong, and aren’t being punished to stay home.  

3/05/21 1:54PM

I don’t know if my household will survive until the end of the year if we don’t manage to get out sometime this summer. At this point the kids fight like an old married couple. My 7 year old son took up a huge interest in geography towards the end of 2019. At that time we were looking forward to taking him somewhere Read more