Fritz O' The Ham
Jul 2

Someone who talks in $$$/mo as a measure of how much a car costs is unqualified to speak on this matter

Jun 15

I’m a black computer scientist. This has literally always made me uncomfortable. I don’t like it in Git. I don’t like it when talking about physical architecture. I had ONE professor back in undergrad who deliberately used parent/child even though the textbook said master/slave. I know (hope?) this wasn’t a deliberate Read more

Jun 9

There Is No Place For Confederate Flags In NASCAR Outside Of a Museum

Jun 8

Given that this article was more generalized when it comes to numbers, it made me think, while the current driving factor for reforms within police departments is the disparity in treatment towards blacks, the types of broad reforms that are being pushed for (I’m thinking of the “8 Can’t Wait” campaign) actually Read more

Jun 3

Why don’t they start doing curbside pickup of the $6 candy bars and $12 popcorn.  

May 31

I won’t say the internet has created this phenomenon, because people have been believing things that are complete BULLSHIT for a very long time. Read more

May 30

Everyone is SO ready for “this thing to be all over”.  I have a feeling that we’re in for a TON of fluctuations.  While people are acknowledging the possibility of a “second wave”. I don’t think we’re prepared for the fallout of all of this that will remain.  

May 29

Wow.  How far into the B-roll of blog ideas are we by now?

May 28

1981 Ford Fairmont -2 Dr. Hunter Green, with Vinyl “baby diarrhea” brown interior. It was my first car... Mine came with the 2.3L 88HP.  

May 18

I think the thing to remember (iirc) is that the author of the post isn’t the person who chooses the title or said post. Read more

May 11

1.) This guide is written from the perspective of changing a diaper for a baby who is not actively trying to escape the entire time. This may be covered in “advanced diaper changes” and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a bunch of practice first and gradually be introduced to the squirmy wormy... Read more

May 8

You really need to have a very unique product to sell at completely fixed pricing. Tesla gets away with it (but even they have done incentives on occasion) because they have been the only game in town for a while, and they built real cachet around their brand. Ditto Ferrari and the other hypercar makers, for the most Read more