Fritz O' The Ham
Yesterday 9:09AM

FWIW, the actual salesmen have very little control over these fees. They actually have very little control over ANY part of the deal. Read more

Tuesday 3:39PM

Even if we’re focused on indoor planting, can we skip the stupid fake bullshit, too? Pleeeeeeease, can we, can we?!

Monday 1:50PM

When I had mine (early aughts) there were literally no other affordable options out there with rear drive/manual. I liked the look of the second gen eclipse, but it was front drive... The SR swap was pretty rare back then as well. Really, this was before drifting was a big thing as well. So you just had a bunch of Read more

6/17/21 6:27PM

I’ve owned 2 of these cars S13 and S14SE. I wish I could own another one someday, but I find they exist in 2 states. Read more

6/16/21 1:05PM

Do I have to impale myself with the handle. That’s what it looks like in the right side picture at the top. 

6/14/21 3:42PM

Since you’re here to gatekeep any negative feedback on the article... Maybe we can say the same thing about Meghan (or likely the “person who makes the article titles as click-baity as possible) calling parents “Toxic” rather than something following their own advice about labels. Except that’s not what we do. We Read more

6/14/21 1:53PM

Wow. I call my kid picky, so now I’m a “toxic parent”? Is it possible we’re maybe going a little too far with the labels here, hmm?

6/11/21 11:56AM

I wonder how long it’ll be before there are “Stride Rumbles”, involving warring runner enemies, or people figuring out how to game the system to effectively ruin any possibility of fun.  

6/11/21 11:54AM

I’ve basically given up on Kinja on my phone, its an exercise in complete frustration, most times I can’t even log in, let alone comment. Read more

6/04/21 11:29AM

When Mrs. Ham was 5.5 months pregnant with our 2nd, and our first needed emergency brain surgery on Christmas eve after several months of a “mystery illness” where no doctors would listen to us that it wasn’t “just a stomach bug”.  

5/27/21 12:04PM

Can we also look at the counterpoint? Where people who are hired for entry level jobs, literally because they have no experience, come into a role and start acting like they don’t need any guidance, or assistance? Read more