Fried Yoda
Jan 29 2014

No. Just flat out no. Plows are not always out before the snow. Salt either comes too late, or can be washed away by rain that falls ahead of the snow. This makes for longer and more dangerous commutes. There will be deaths, easily topping the 5 in Alabama in larger cities. Yet life doesn't stop for those still alive. Read more

Nov 30 2013

RIP also Erin Gloria Ryan (writer for Jezebel) your tweets are disgusting stop trying to be edgy it is pathetic. Read more

Sep 17 2013

Wish i had read this before i proceeded...hopefully the actual release will fix this

Sep 12 2013

* this needs to be noted in the article above. installed ios 7 (iphone 5) and worked fine on the 1st mbp (mountain lion). installed ios 7 (iphone 4) and ran into this issue on 2nd mpb (snow leopard) but luckily i was able to do an icloud backup on the phone (lady friend). now i'm installing mountain lion on the 2nd Read more

Mar 7 2013

IMO, we'd prefer if the games were judged independently of what are clearly going to be very temporary connection issues. I understand that they're important right now, but in a couple weeks' time they'll be an afterthought and a big part of this review will be irrelevant.