May 15 2018

I read this as a kid, but I honestly don’t recall a lot of it. This year I am only reading books by women. I’m going to add this to my list. I think it’s an important revisit. Especially given this current political landscape.

Apr 17 2018

I saw this report this morning and I am also saddened. The Honorable Harry Stone was one of my favorite judges of all time, Mel Torme references not withstanding. I think Night Court was the first time I saw Brent Spiner as well (he played a recurrent, rather gullible, no-goodnik). Read more

Mar 8 2018

Oooo, an excuse to post a bunch of flags making fun of this stupid flag, one of my favorite collections of things on the internet!

Mar 8 2018

I’m reading a book on epigenetics at the moment and the current chapter discusses the effects of childhood stress on a person’s later propensity for anxiety. It’s pretty clear that a stressed childhood leads to lifelong elevations in cortisol and other stress hormones when compared with people who were less stressed Read more

Feb 25 2018

This is amazing. Did your mother try to arm you with raincoats and galoshes and stuff? My little sister once fell in the fountain at a mall. It was simultaneously hilarious and mortifying.

Feb 20 2018

I had an overwhelming day. I am finalizing the paperwork for my new job. I start March 5th. They verified my Education and employment today. Also, I have to get fingerprinted on Saturday. I am going to miss my current job, even with all the nonsense they put me through. I cried so hard after dinner I made myself sick.

Feb 13 2018

This reminds me that I should call up my school district and donate money to outstanding lunch balances.