Jul 4 2015

The hottest new thing in Moniga del Garda is La Scaletta. It has everything. Waiters that whisper the specials breathlessly in your ear, pizza cubes, chairs made of shitty tippers, entitlement cocktails, lamps that look like upside-down boobs, ice with messages inside about everything you did wrong in your childhood,

Jun 14 2015

Um, this is Jezebel. We’re supposed to assume she was a model employee who volunteer-worked with disabled puppies on her days off while supporting three children and Sickly Ol’ Gran on her single paycheck, and the mean old restaurant fired her the very first time she left work early.

Jun 14 2015

She’s not going to tell us how many previous written warnings she’s received or how thick her personnel fiile is, and they’re not allowed to. Having been in a situation where I supposedly fired an employee for being diagnosed with cancer, I can see the other side. This employee had a personnel file that was made up of Read more

Jun 2 2015

I don’t want to make assumptions about what it is like to have a mastectomy. But I am imagining that if I had to have a mastectomy, even if I’ve come to terms with it and learned to accept my drastically changed body, seeing a bunch of attractive young women with their perfect breasts holding a coke can in my honor Read more

May 29 2015

If they can make Clare have a weepy conversation with a raccoon, I’m pretty sure they can construct this with their eyes closed from a bunch of workout-obsessed bros who love to hug it out and have to produce dialogue about love multiple times a day.

May 29 2015

Maybe JJ was just the only one shitty enough to participate in Clint's big gay idea?

May 29 2015

I think it’s not a thing because half the group would be like, “Fuck that guy/girl. Let’s hook up with each other.”

May 29 2015

Why am I excusing myself? They are the ones whose bodies got in the way of my knife. They’re the rude ones, if you really think about it.

May 29 2015

White guys coming of age or hitting an event that makes for an unforgettable milestone in their lives, leaving them to ponder their navels in a way that demands the audience to respect and relate? What’s not to love?

May 29 2015

It’s a good diatribe. So I think we can sum up Cameron Crowe films as “ A perfectly good soundtrack ruined by a terrible film.”

May 28 2015

I used to work for this company, and I was put on “fat probation” twice. Once was January 2nd, they didn’t give me a chance to try on a larger kilt and told me they were “worried for my health” and that they “just wanted me to “be healthy”. I went from a size 2 to a size 5, still MUCH smaller than the average U.S. Read more

May 27 2015

That was the exact feeling I walked away from this with. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit of a jewelry snob (not so much expense wise but unique-wise) and this just strikes me as high school days spent at Claires.

May 27 2015

I appreciate you love your friends (or at least respect your friend’s guests) and I love the intention behind this post, but the jewellery here is remarkably unexceptional. I have better statement necklaces (costume, I’m not bragging about some incredible expensive bling) that I wear to walk my dog. I would love to Read more

May 26 2015

We both WEPT, as we knew we would, and it was one of the reasons we arranged to marry in a completely private ceremony (with only the officiant, and photogs there as witnesses). We both had hankies in hand bc we knew it would be a weepy mess. Miraculously my makeup survived (one of the main reasons I got lash