Aug 18 2017

Unsolicited advice from someone who survived a very necessary estrangement from her own mother: beware of anyone who attempts to convince you that you should be able to look past this. I wish someone had told me 20 years ago that “blood is not thicker than safety.” Thank you and good luck.

Nov 10 2016

Rogue: The problem is that Liberal/Conservative views on abortion do not dramatically change the percentage of people who seek abortion. It’s the same figure for Abstinence vs. Sex Ed: It doesn’t change the fact that people have sex, and often at an early age. Read more

Sep 13 2015

I was linked this comment and I should have know this had to do with an article about India. When it comes to India, Jez is the very worst. I’ve never seen such blatant racism from people calling themselves feminist unless it is toward India.

Aug 25 2015

When I was young, I was taught to think, “Will this cause unnecessary hurt to other people?” before I did things. It doesn’t matter what others think of me, but it *does* matter to me that I treat other people with respect.

Aug 24 2015

Right? “The Wine Train” just sounds like an absolute riot; the kind of place you can totally go and drink wine with your book club and occasionally even allow noises like laughter to leave your face. They need to change this to “The Scowling Moneyed Pearl-Clutching Day Drunk White Ladies’ Transit Line.”

Aug 24 2015

Looks like the other women on board were traveling on the White Whine train.

Aug 21 2015

It’s very disconcerting. And let’s not forget Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar in that lineup.

Aug 4 2015

Oh hooray. The first Stonewall movie is about a fictional white gay male. This erases the BLACK trans woman who actually was the first to throw something (Marsha P. Johnson, if you’re wondering). It erases all the dykes who were being raped and arrested and who fought on the front lines of basically every important Read more

Jun 6 2015

If only it were that simple for everyone. Of course, brand new cars never have problems straight from the factory either. Read more

Jun 4 2015
Four Other Misfit Models
MacKenzie Kassab

Think “Cocaine Kate” invented the misfit model? For as long as beautiful women have been posing, they’ve been

May 19 2015

Christ, car fans need to build a bridge and get over this shit. For many reasons, people choose not to drive a stick shift. Maybe they’re lazy, maybe they have a bunch of stop and go traffic, maybe they have arthritis.

If you want a manual, please be my guest. This near constant IT MUST BE A MANUAL OTHERWISE YOU’RE Read more

May 8 2015

Now we just need BMW to develop a system that punches its drivers in the cock or clam when they DON’T use their signals.

Apr 30 2015

I immediately imagined a cartoon SPROING noise and then “ohai”