8:37 PM

What if someone proposed a specific time for a lot of people to think that same thing? You know, concentrate on one thing.

10:55 AM

That will never happen. He has no internal organs. If you boiled him and cracked him open, he would just be one large weird meaty clump like a lobster. Seriously, by all accepted health standards, there is ZERO probability that he would still be alive if he were human. Our only hope is for when his brain finishes Read more

11:20 PM

My absolute adoration for everything Pink Floyd loves this blog but only if to reinforce that the rift between Waters and Gilmour was more than justified. It just wasn’t meant to be and I think if Floyd had taken the other road, it would have been just as successful. While not as unique as Waters’ vision, Gilmour had Read more

10:11 AM

the thing you havent considerd is that the earths could be vibrating on a diffrent frequency to our earth so in theory, all of the earths are in the same place just invisable to humans butwhat if we could identify the type of frequency that they are vibrating on and we could then create a device to get to that earth Read more

9:03 PM

The following Point/Counterpoint has some compelling arguments for the proper ranking of Reservoir Dogs, though alas the two disputants seem unable to reach a consensus and remain bitterly at odds. Read more

12:07 PM

Definitely agree with the top 4. Spots 5-8 are tough. I could see an argument for any of those being 5th or 8th. 

1:29 PM

Was DSJ always this bad or was he, like, thrown into the Gowanus Canal in the last offseason?

12:35 PM

I am a firm believer in the theory that when Wayne Ellington signs with, or is traded to, a new team, that 29 other players who are just as irrelevant actually move in unison. Read more

1:07 PM

II genuinely do not understand the viewpoints of people who say they do not like this show. It’s heartwarming, it’s funny, there is good action, it dovetails nicely with a property we’ve all been fans of for years...what’s the gripe?

2:07 PM

It appears I was vastly overthinking the meaning.  I thought perhaps the whistling birds carried some deep meaning much further down the road.  

12:30 AM

Not an avid reader of the SW canon, why are the whistling birds foreshadowing?

1:10 PM

I don’t think you could stress enough, just how badass the Mandalorian was in carving his way through those shithead stormtroopers...and then FRYING THE LAST GUY WITH HIS FUCKING FLAMETHROWER. That was pretty dark for Disney Star Wars, particularly since they made sure you heard the stormtrooper screaming inside his Read more

9:47 AM

I was kind of hoping we would get an A-Team soundtrack while Mando and not Nick were putting the ship back together. Other than that, a good episode. Let’s be honest, is anyone going to call an episode bad? He could spend the entire episode just staring at Baby Yoda and everyone would think it's the greatest. 

12:03 PM

Finally getting to actually dig in to the post. This is good shit, Freeman! And exactly the kind of stuff I used to love reading on io9 before The Great Exodus. A few comments about this list: Read more

12:45 AM

Yeah, those first 2 Thor movies were shit. Absolute shit. GoTG should be much higher on the list. It’s a damn fine movie. Other than that one ranking, I’m good with this 

10:01 PM

I don’t know if this qualifies as a hot take but I would put Endgame no higher than 8. It’s still a hell of a movie (I thoroughly enjoyed it!) but it always struck me as a little disjointed, which I think is just due to the nature of its plot.