3:21 PM

Well, considering how the Vikings were collecting thralls from all over, had numerous contacts with Africans (whom they called “Blue men”), and it was fairly common for skilled thralls to be given their freedom upon their owner’s death, it is almost certain that there were, at some point, some black Vikings. There’s Read more

8:26 PM

AFAIK the V10 battery has a lifetime guarantee.

4:38 PM

Uh, the Vita is way too far down. I still play mine - it’s the best place to play most of the indies released the last 10 years, including Spelunky, Binding of Isaac, Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight, etcetcetc. All that, and a few rollicking exclusives like an honest-to-god Uncharted game that was actually very very Read more

6:44 AM

Well, I saw this on Twitter this morning when Grimes tweeted it, and considering who would be the father, and what kind of people listen to her music (me, gamer-girls, tech-geeks in general), I kinda do think it belongs on Gizmodo. This is the woman whose first album was entirely dedicated to Dune, ferfuxsake, and who Read more

5:45 PM

Those prices are actually quite reasonable. I bought a mint Indiana Jones Pinball Adventures (a Williams Table from the 90s) for $3k a few years back, and I could sell it for probably $8k today, at least here in Europe. Most of the new tables are $8-10k

3:45 AM

Not really. That’s kind of a “letting perfect be the enemy of good”-argument, similar to when Vegans (to be fair, only the 19-year-old reddit ones)tell me I’m still a murderer since I still eat meat if i feel like it. Read more

6:28 PM

Nah, that’s exactly the kind of prejudiced thinking from non-vegetarians/vegans that mean most hamburger chains, when making something for “the vegans”, have historically opted for something “healthy”, full of greens, nutritious and about as tasty as cardboard. But nowadays most people who do some version of Read more

3:48 PM

The only good type of black licorice, salty licorice, is even more dangerous; it can literally cause paralysis. You need to eat a LOT, but it’s happened to a few people here in Sweden. Read more

3:46 PM

...Finns don’t hate Swedes...they hate Finland-Swedes.

3:54 PM

I legit think Pippi is the reason why Sweden is ahead of most of the world on gender equality. Several generations of Swedish children grew up in the certain knowledge that girls could not only do whatever boys could, they might even be better at it.

9:39 AM

I tried the PvP in the open Beta, and so far it’s a not-quite-as-good version of Ghost War from Wildlands, though i expect that to change (Wildlands’ Ghost War wasn’t the sublime squad-based experience it is now at launch either - in fact it didn’t even ship with the game). Read more

2:14 PM

There’s been a fair few theories suggesting Flagg and IT are related; they’re definitely from the same level of the Tower. Read more

5:20 AM

To be fair, the battery life of the Apple Watch has never really been a problem since it charges so damn fast. I wear it at night with a sleep-tracking app that also wakes me at the right point in my sleep cycle (Autosleep and Autowake). Then when I get up, I put the watch on its charger, have a shower, fix breakfast Read more

11:37 AM

Way back when I played WoW I had two tricks for equipment: The first was that the crafting kits were basically huge bags. Just don’t press the craft button (yes, this happened once). I’d only use it for the cheap stuff, but it made my life so much easier. Especially in the bank vault, it would multiply the space I Read more

6:14 PM

Uh, isn’t this the whole point of these meat substitutes in the first place? The ethical vegans and vegetarians don’t want meat; my wife can’t stand anything too meat-like. Beyond Burger and all the others are for people like me; someone who really likes meat, but would also be really happy to not eat meat. This has Read more

9:23 AM

Sandra Oh is also one of the two headliners in “Killing Eve”, one of the buzziest shows around right now.

9:19 AM

I read it was the first thing. It makes sense in a mercenary way - you can cancel something and claim it was a disaster not of your making and that it’s better to take the hit now; or risk a hit that also wasn’t of your making, taking years of resources away from projects that WOULD be yours to take credit for.

2:48 AM

This could have some racial undertones; the sign they drive under on the way to the festival is a political sign from a Far Right white power-group decrying immigration and how it’s destroying traditional Swedish culture.