YEs - it’s crooked and dishonest! I think it’s an ethics violation in many states too. I hope the state bars and the ABA start going after these lawyers and law firms... Read more

Yes, I’m an attorney too. This is so spot on! Read more

Wtf, so creepy, makes me sick to my stomach. So sorry you dealt with this. Read more

Sexual harassment apologist? Sexual harassment apologia? What to call Katie Couric now. I think women of older generations had to learn to accept sexual harassment as normal and are to the point where they don’t even realize it’s there anymore, maybe? Good article. Read more

Trademark and unfair competition Read more

Holy shit, pain scale!? Is this Oregon? If anyone is interested, I’d love to research and write something on it. I’m an out of work attorney and I want to draft laws someday. Read more

Hahahaha omg yes! This is the perfect thing to say thank you! I laughed so hard!!!!! Omg!!!! Read more

Please link it, I missed it! Arghhhhh!!! Read more

I know, I think it’s bs. She got paid by dominos I think. Read more

It would be a good idea to secretly recruit police to replace every single union member all confidential, and then one day all the union cops are told to gtf out. If cops do good work and publicize it people will be glad to keep them happy, then don’t need a frickin union! No one has a union anymore, must be flipping Read more

HolyFS, what the hell is wrong with people! So awful. Thank you for being an attentive caregiver. Read more

Thanks for the kitties! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Read more

🙁 that stuff freaks me out!!!! Read more