Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!
2:21 PM

I have a Gen 5 but would not recommend it for heavy users due to poor battery. I have basically everything turned off and can barely make it from the morning (6AMish) until I go to bed (11PMish)

12:56 PM

Our inability to work together globally on this is terrifying. If we had a more instant threat, like a large meteor that needs to be deflected; would we respond as a global community or just argue about whether or not it will hit us and not do anything about it?

12:18 PM

I hope it works better than Google Home in terms of responding when there are multiple devices in range of my voice. I hate when my phone and my Google Home both respond to the same requests. I can only assume that it will be even more annoying with more devices within range.

3:38 PM

I agree with your point, but your example is not true. TV tech is not cheaper due to advertising. I don’t have any advertising on my TV even though prices have decreased over time.

2:38 PM

To be honest, I’d rather not have yet another subscription. I’m ok with a game with micro-transactions. I’d rather pay once in a while for a game I really like than be tied to a recurring payments. I guess that’s also because I spend way less than $5 per month on games and transactions.

11:33 AM

It doesn’t matter if it’s good, hardcore Apple enthusiasts will buy into it. As an Android user, I would buy into it if the content was there and I didn’t have to also buy an iPhone or iPad to watch it on mobile.

12:55 PM

Is this mainly aimed at those living in apartments or other locations where delivery to the door is not possible or is this because there’s been a trend in package thefts?