Francie Nolan
Jun 21 2019

A concentration camp is not the same thing as a prison nor a detention center. It’s quite literally a camp with concentrated populations of a minority group without the resources available to serve those people’s basic needs. There is no aspect of the definition that includes rounding people up, but it is true also Read more

Sep 28 2018

These are the women who have already convinced themselves that Bad Things don’t happen to Nice Girls (because if that were possible, it could happen to them, which is too terrifying to contemplate), therefore she must be lying.

Sep 27 2018

So now Kavanaugh knows what it’s like to have a unwanted Dick shoved into his face.

Aug 22 2018

That was some perfect bullshit. “I don’t want the kid, either, BUT DON’T GET AN ABORTION, YOU SLUT.” Read more

Aug 22 2018

Considering that the Nazis did practically invent the term sub-human (see: untermensch) is calling him a Nazi really far off?

Aug 2 2018

Why do you insist on printing a single word this vapid twat ever says? You cannot be that hard-up for filler content. Stop giving her the oxygen, fachrissakes.

Jul 26 2018

Are we top in the world in anything but the size of our economy and military? Don’t think so. Heard a woman on the fourth of July get interviewed in DC by NPR. She was crying because it made her sad when people say they aren’t proud of the US. This is why. Read more

Jul 19 2018

No matter what evidence the brainwashed are confronted with, they will never accept they’ve been easy marks of an obvious conman. 

Jul 19 2018

I haven’t seen a Goldberg deliver a whoopin’ like that since WWE

May 3 2018

If Christmas is at war, it is winning. It has already occupied Thanksgiving and is on the border of Halloween.

Apr 19 2018

Comey lied about not knowing what was in the Hilary Clinton emails- they were a lot about her Foundation- he was receiving pay offs or payments from and that’s why he said nothing could be found. Read more