Jul 10 2019

The ‘Trump Fuck’ chant is meant to illustrate the power you have over your opponents, sir.”

Mar 21 2019

I was already 20 when Ichiro joined MLB and I think I’d thought I was years past the part of my life where a professional athlete could ever be the kind of immortal, larger-than-life figure that, say, Michael Jordan or Lawrence Taylor or Martina Navratilova had seemed to be when I was a kid. But Ichiro was—and in lots Read more

Mar 6 2019

At this point I think it’s more like if you hang around in a toxic waste dump for long enough, it changes you.

Feb 28 2019

As a local taxpayer, he’s not just an irate stepfather. He’s also an owner.

Feb 21 2019

He was initially charged with reckless driving but after review it was determined the guy wasn’t set and the call was reversed. 

Feb 8 2019

Im in the middle of writing my wedding Thank You notes. Read more

Feb 6 2019

The funny thing about the NFL is that it’s complacency breeds these one-hit-wunderkinds. When you have a league full of coaches all trying to do the same thing, just NOT doing that can oftentimes be successful in the short run. Read more

Jan 25 2019

Why don’t they” is precisely the issue. Simms, and everyone else beside Romo, seems to not understand in the slightest what is about to happen. Can’t tell you how many times a guy has circled one side of the field - “Watch Julio Jones here!” - and the play goes in a completely different direction. It seems arbitrary. Read more

Jan 24 2019

He laid out Pat Patriot because that Jets fool can’t maul Steely McBeam.

Jan 23 2019

Yes! Trade them both to Phoenix or San Antonio, and Trump will finally shut up about this, perhaps.

Jan 23 2019

Hold up, let’s just send the Wall to the Thunder. And make Oklahoma City pay for it

Jan 21 2019

I often wish I could mute the announcers and just have the natural sound of the game, but Romo is the exception. He is fantastic and I hope he never changes. 

Nov 28 2018

I voted 9-1-1 guy because nothing says 2018 more than a white person calling the cops on a black person for no good goddamn reason.

Nov 27 2018

Other than the No. 21 jersey and the packaging, there’s nothing about the doll that indicates it’s Sean Taylor.

Nov 26 2018

The nephew’s name? Jimbo Slice

Nov 26 2018

I bet they run a Devil's Triangle offense

Nov 19 2018

Ok, but it’s not enough to just say “We don’t want her.” Who DO you want? Have a couple of good candidates people can get behind.