Foxtrot Echo
11:16 PM

Really? I grew up in Europe so duvet covers and no top sheet is the norm (as well as slats instead of those gigantic American box springs), and I don’t find changing the cover all that hard. And I despise top sheets and I’m not going to wash a down comforter once a week so duvet covers are perfect for me. I wash my Read more

12:34 PM

My hair grows incredibly fast if I had to pay a colourist every time I had to have my bangs trimmed or my roots done I’d be forking out handfuls of money every 3 week. I get a good balyage highlights done maybe every 6-8 months & home color the roots & do my own toner in between. Read up, watch some videos buy the Read more

10:16 AM

“Why can Charles get tested with “mild” symptoms when NHS staffers can’t?”

11:38 AM

Yeah, tell me this; without the existance of a rental option, would any of these people be able to buy land on their own? The writter seems to think that landlords are still the rich entitled lords that basically turned serfs into renters. This is, however the 21st, not 18th century, and if someone wants to invest Read more

12:29 AM

Boy, I do love how you make it your personal mission to say sexist things about the Kardashians on this feminist site. It’s one of the constants in life: Jezebel posts an article on the Kardashians: GELLA-LLAP will be there to call Kim a sex doll.
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10:21 PM

You missed out Death in Paradise. which is also funny.

6:43 PM

My parents discovered I was gay at the end of my senior year of high school, right before graduation. My father beat me nearly unconscious and I literally ran out of the house with only the clothes I was wearing. I snuck back in twice to get some things, but it barely amounted to a suitcase’s worth of stuff.

I stayed Read more

4:19 PM

After five episodes of MM I was like “Do NOT join any committee, fete or hobby Joyce has! Or if she shows up in your village go on vacation!” Poor, sweet Joyce.

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4:18 PM

Thank you! I was outraged at the lack of Midsomer Murders. My Uncle had recommended it to me probably about 15 years ago and I’ll never forget my reaction when I watched that first season one episode “WOW!!! Brit murder shows really GO THERE!” I was hooked. Thank you for your other recommendations, I’ll be on the look Read more

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2:22 PM

Oooh kewp meaning to check out Midsomer murders. Im personally a fan of the period pieces British Murder Mysteries

1:56 PM

Don’t forget Miss Fischer’s Murder mysteries. Its lots of fun and the lead actress just kills it in the role.

1:15 PM

Midsomer Murders was my gateway drug into the drizzly world of English murder! Maybe I should rewatch a decade later since, you know, got a bit of time on my hands.

1:49 PM

Extra-true with new makeup and skincare brands springing up every fifteen minutes, half of them being cheapies (which is fine! some cheap things are great! I’m totally on board with GoodMolecules and AOA Studio and plenty of others!)... and many of those cheapies being an OBVIOUS attempt to dupe a beloved higher-end Read more

12:44 PM

The fact that I could enjoy your Ted Talk with a slice of pizza with my headphones blaring some 90s rave makes your Ted Talk the best talk.