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Right? Because I’m sure she recovered INSTANTANEOUSLY from being strangled and didn’t have to compose herself or meet with a friend to help her feel safe before she went to the

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I talk to myself and sometimes re-argue past arguments with people who a) are not there to defend themselves and b) I haven’t spoken to in years. Pantsless of course, because fuck pants.

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Am I wrong in saying there’s something vaguely sinister about that picture of Farrow? I mean, you all seem to use that image every time you do a piece on Farrow, so maybe you think it’s a good picture. I just think he looks like a waxwork facsimile of a human being, which makes me wonder whether there’s some kind of Read more

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I think one of my all time faves was a comment that never made it to the lists. It was about the Jinn that was spotted through binoculars by soldiers that seemed walked in place.

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By acclaim, Sorcia McNasty’s story about the haunted truck would go in there, and I’m still going to stand by my contention that the freakiest story I ever read on here was IndianaJoan’s story “911 Calling.”

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Totally agree with you - the story published told the story of the women, this was the story of the lengths to which they went to kill the story.  I’m not sure why she thought this would be something else.  He already did the reporting. 

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It seems pretty clear to me that in the course of reporting the Weinstein story - which was presumably first a piece for NBC TV, which by necessity morphed into a print article when it moved to The New Yorker - a second story started to emerge. It’s literally in the title of this book, “Catch & Kill.” Killing Farrow’s Read more

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Yeah I feel like his articles did an excellent job focusing on the victims so it’s not too surprising this would be more about him and his process.

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It was about the process of getting the story published and the institutional bullshit that protected people like Lauer and Weinstein. I don’t think it minimizes anything about the victims, it’s just about a different-ish topic? It’s like being mad at All the President’s Men for focusing on Woodward and Bernstein Read more

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Number one rule of book reviewing: Review the book in front of you, not the book you fantasize about reading.

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This article is ridiculous. Farrow rails against powerful evil men hiding truth to service other powerful evil men and it doesn’t matter? If powerful evil men were not allowed to suppress news and the women who make claims against them, would life not in fact be better for women and other victims? Read more

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It is important to remember that Farrow’s sister, Dylan, wrote about the “grooming” and alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, Woody Allen. In a piece for the Hollywood Reporter in 2016, Farrow lays bare his personal stake in the movement—his sister’s suffering—and it is this investment that led him Read more

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The book is about NBC killing the story and Farrow trying to get it published. Read more

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Considering Depp’s entire argument can be summed up as “I know you are, but what am I?” I’m not surprised this is blowing up in his face.

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She is potentially the best live performer ever, in terms of her show. Read more

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I find it hard to fault young up and comers, especially in a time where we weren’t as educated as we are today, for saying stupid things. It sounds like Pink was trying to brush it off and stuck her foot in her mouth. Read more

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I think what you’re getting at is—racial/cultural appropriation by a teenager in the late 90s, a time when cultural appropriation was not an idea central in discussions outside of like certain academic circles is less of a reason to dislike or criticize a 40-year-old pop star than the misogynistic comments and Read more

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I rewatched this recently, and I found it to be pretty enjoyable. There are some things I would have preferred they had not changed from the books, but it’s mostly a faithful adaptation. Susan Sarandon as Marmee was given a larger and more feminist role, which I appreciated. The soundtrack is really great though, very Read more