Foxtrot Echo
8:33 PM

She is potentially the best live performer ever, in terms of her show.

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8:30 PM

I find it hard to fault young up and comers, especially in a time where we weren’t as educated as we are today, for saying stupid things. It sounds like Pink was trying to brush it off and stuck her foot in her mouth.

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1:11 PM

I think what you’re getting at is—racial/cultural appropriation by a teenager in the late 90s, a time when cultural appropriation was not an idea central in discussions outside of like certain academic circles is less of a reason to dislike or criticize a 40-year-old pop star than the misogynistic comments and

12:00 PM

Oh my gosh, YES. They definitely made the better decision, although his German accent was a little wonky.

11:54 AM

I love this movie so much. Its casting is spot-on (Gabriel Byrne is STILL a major crush of mine because of his pitch-perfect performance), the music is stunning, the direction is beautiful, the costumes are great. I always shout-out Trini Alvarado’s lovely and understated performance (and I’m glad she mentioned being

11:50 AM

I rewatched this recently, and I found it to be pretty enjoyable. There are some things I would have preferred they had not changed from the books, but it’s mostly a faithful adaptation. Susan Sarandon as Marmee was given a larger and more feminist role, which I appreciated. The soundtrack is really great though, very

11:35 AM

She recently came out in defense of Jessica Simpson because she was being mom shamed for letting her daughter dye her hair. Mom shaming is a hot topic with Pink.

10:46 AM

I think Miley’s bangs look awful (not that she asked me).

2:13 PM

Nah I’m speaking to how women’s reputations are often used against them regardless of what the reputation actually is. The material facts may point to her as a murderer, but emphasizing her reputation as a good girl means nothing because if she had the opposite reputation they’d be saying that’s the cause.

12:15 PM

I want to be a person who believes in forgiveness and redemption, but I just can’t with someone like this. We are all sorting through our trauma and pain, some of it (like internalized homophobia) truly significant, and no one who harms other people is lacking a past or a closet in which some truly horrifying things

9:37 AM

it’s called “last christmas” and she has a disease so she probably dies. also the dude appears mysteriously so he’s an angel. she goes to hell for worshiping the pagan yule.

1:17 PM

I’ve literally watched video of Brody calling her dad, Kim and Khloe referring to her as still Kendall and Kylie’s father and Kylie referring to Caitlyn as dad in the past like 12 hours.

3:51 AM

Hmm. I’ve had a variety of holiday-related disasters - being stuck on a plane which flew over the tail-end of the Great Storm of 1987 (fucking hell, never again), being on a 747 that experienced rather dramatic turbulence flying over Indonesia (always fun when you’re trying to quaff a G&T and the wee telly says you’ve

12:40 PM

As someone who works for a nonprofit and whose salary is paid for with corporate sponsorship...thank you! This is how this stuff works! We can argue the merit of what the sponsorship is doing...I think they’re giving rides to interviews not jobs themselves...but the article seems to be made that it’s a corporate