Foxtrot Echo
4:55 AM

That is kind of how it feels to me. I really don’t want to brush it away and let her off completely, but as a 20 year old, being managed by older men who understood the industry, it’s hard to pile all the blame at her door

12:48 PM

Do NOT suit us. Ugh you know what I mean. Sorry, the whispy fringe I tried to cut in yesterday must have got in my eyes

11:45 AM

I’m still pissed about the Stupid Girls video. It has obviously aged like shit, but even at the time it was painful to watch. I’m glad she defended Jessica Simpson (is that growth?), but it’s like she picks the women she does and doesn’t like and decides whether it’s their fault they’re having a hard time. Eating

11:39 AM

She should have asked you. Miley and I suffer from similar afflictions - a naturally thin hairline and a relatively short forehead compared to the rest of her face. Fringes to do suit us. They do not flatter the lower halves of our faces, and our hair is too fine and lank to support a proper bouncy curtain.

11:24 AM

Already hearing “you can care about more than one thing at once!” echoing in my head, but I’m reluctant to pile on Pink for her ignorant approach to race 20 years ago, when her comments on other women and cool-girl-I-got-mine attitude is happening right now.

11:57 AM

Have you seen him in Into the West? If not, do it. Young(ish) Gabriel Bryne could get it.

10:59 AM

For me it’s looking upwards while I style my hair. The lines used to disappear straight away, but now they linger....I’m younger than you, but I know for a fact it’s my crispy dry, paper-thin skin that’s to blame. I could drink more water, but who has the time

9:22 AM

Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows are a wonder. But, she’s 30-ish, with a very mobile forehead and she’s starting to show the inevitable lines that come with that. I wonder how long she’ll hold out against the Hollywood pressure to botox them into submission. My forehead lines and I are rooting for you, Emilia!

5:33 AM

This is exactly what I have and it is the “best” type to have, in my opinion. Contracted it exactly as you mention above, but have only ever had 3 breakouts (contracted it....6/7 years ago...?) and each time they got milder. It makes me particularly angry that I have had to carry the weight of admitting this to

11:21 AM

I feel like the fact that Kanye has definitely started a cult is not getting enough attention. I’m pretty sure it’s way too exposed to actually get weird, but I get serious Children of God vibes every time I see Kim’s videos on Instagram and can’t help thinking, who is keeping an eye on this....?

11:15 AM

Because, as TheSewingRectangle says above, some of those who engage, or have engaged with this ship in the past have done so in a really damaging way. They’re not just fantasising, they’re sending death threats to the pair’s partners and having a significant impact on their personal lives. I think it’s not so much

10:50 AM

From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty subtle. As is the new band she’s put on the engagement ring - just swapping a heavy gold band for a thin pave one. I’m a tacky millennial so I love me a skinny pave band, and am therefore biased. But the British tabloids are having a FIELD DAY with evil Megan butchering perfect Diana’s

10:24 AM

Genuine question, as I have considered this a few times when Kardashian has been in the news for hiring surrogates. Would she be viewed more favourably for paying more? My understanding (could be wrong) is that $45,000 (plus, I imagine any and all medical care, probably supplements - I don’t know but i’d figure

11:49 AM

I also think it has been reported, both here and elsewhere, repeatedly that she and her children have continued to refer to her as their dad. Just a weird, lazy mistake 

7:55 AM

Growing up we lived in a very old house with very thin walls. I used to be able to hear my parents going at it from the other side of the house and vaguely wondered how bad it was for my sister, who shared a WALL with them. Years and years later this came up in conversation and my mother was horrified to hear that I

2:38 AM

I honestly do see the argument you are making. I’m much more inclined to agree with a point someone else made about the fact that it obscures the work that other charities and organisations are doing. To say “you’ve done this, but you could have done thiiiiiiiiiis” seems pointless. Lyft could have given free rides