Foxtrot Echo
7:04 AM

Maybe not that unreasonable. I’m actually pretty convinced that Kyle is exactly how it’s supposed to be pronounced. If the xii stands for the twelfth letter of the alphabet and the X and AE are pronounced as they would in ancient greek.....Yup, it’s Kyle

4:57 AM

Turn the cover inside out, put your arms inside and up to the far corners, grab the corners of the duvet in your ghost-hands, stand on the bed and shake the whole thing until the duvet is inside the cover. Read more

10:59 AM

I think actually what the article is showing is that her fillers haven’t magically dissolved. This is just what she looks like without photoshop. Even her paparazzi photos will be engineered and ‘shopped. That’s just what she looks like!

10:57 AM

I have a lot bit of sympathy for Kylie. It’s all very well people saying she looks better natural, but she was also young when her family became famous and she’d have seen the pile on Khloe used to get (and still does) for being the fat, ugly sister. Imagine growing up, looking at your natural face and knowing you’d Read more

8:59 AM

Oh there is some contortion going on. I have a mirror that has SEEN THINGS

8:58 AM

Separate your hair evenly down the middle from front to back and pull each side over your shoulder. Holding it as close to your shoulder as possible (to avoid over-directing it forward, which will result in an a-line cut), trim the ends off. As long as the two sides are even, the back shouldn’t be too wonky. That Read more

12:06 PM

I’ve been cutting and dying my own hair for the last 15 years. Of course, when I was a baby fox, I had.....inconsistent results. And there was the time around 22 when I almost fried all the hair off my head (it actually wasn’t nearly as bad as it felt at the time. If you do fuck up, feel the panic and let it go. It’s Read more

12:56 PM

I know this wasn’t exactly the point of this article, but since this is a topic very close to my heart may I also insist that you watch: Read more

1:12 PM

That makes so much more sense! And you’re right. I also googled and it appears as though only 5 women have been named since 1999 (and Melinda Gates in conjunction with two men). Read more

9:34 AM

I’m glad you pointed that out because I was going to, but was sure I was making a daft mistake (like being convinced 2000 was only 10 years ago, which I remain convinced it was). Read more

12:19 PM

NOT INTERESTING, really, but this is an increasing issue within IP law. Brands wanting to trademark the feeeeeeling you get when you walk into their stores is becoming more and more of a thing. There is something intangible in the way you can walk into certain stores and restaurants and know that they are part of the Read more

10:22 AM

I mean, just given the loss of life in WW1 in Britain and Europe compared to the US, would suggest yes. WW1 is still our Great War. The number of men lost is still staggering and the country is littered with memorials. I think it stands to reason that it would be more interesting to the countries who were the most Read more

10:13 AM

Pretty much par for the course here these days, I think. However, a senior someone at work tore me a new one over a typo today, and when I read your comment the residual anxiety made my brain think it was my fault. Read more

1:54 PM

I never said the girls weren’t targeted due to their race. That’s a discussion for those investigating, and if I have any residual faith left in the justice system, it will be investigated intelligently. Read more

12:31 PM

You have absolutely no evidence or knowledge of how many, if any, of those girls are Christian. Your assertion that they are exposes your outburst for the racially motivated hysteria that it is. Read more

12:26 PM

I really like Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik together. I have absolutely no reason to hold this view, but for reasons known only to god, this relationship does not annoy me. In fact, I like it. Read more

5:21 AM

Just replying to say this is the nuanced response I was looking for. There is so much context in this story, much of it we will never know, that taking a polarised stance in either direction as to whether this is good or bad is pointless and hurtful.

3:47 AM

She’s always been a tv host, rather than a news anchor. She’s been around for years but love island was her biggest show. She really only started getting in the press for her love life in the last few years, and as far as I know it hasn’t been tumultuous, just every one has been skeevy or ended suddenly, or in Read more