Aug 10 2018

Honestly? Fuck him. Kimmel should have kept up with the line of questioning after the break — he should not be given any exist. You wanna support him? Fine. But he don’t get to be spared the heat for his dumb ass comments and he continues to have all the free thought but no actual reasoning behind his thoughts — the Read more

Jul 30 2018

The “moments that really count” consist of communicating, educating, and reaching a point of mutual understanding regarding what was wrong, why it was wrong, and how moving forward can happen (and sometimes, it can’t not right away). I get Monique’s sentiment and I won’t jump on the ‘she’s a traitor’ bandwagon just Read more

Jul 23 2018

I remember I saw a brown recluse spider, and I was so overcome with fear that before I could even stand on a chair and scream, first I had to call it a filthy sand nigger and threaten to hang it from it’s own web. Read more

Jul 18 2018

I’m still heated I never got the Barnes and Nobles job. I was in there every week! Same with Best Buy. I lived in the tech section. Still no. Finally got the yes from Starbucks in the summer of ‘04.