TheDudeAbides_(version 2.0)
Aug 8

Self defense shouldn’t work if the other person is the one that should feel attacked. In this case the guy was home. Being in your own home should take priority over someone THINKING they were in their own home. Or else where do you put the line where confusion can be used to claim self sefense? “he said I will show Read more

Aug 7

PLEASE include either the National Suicide Prevention Hotline or some other relevant resource when posting articles that discuss suicide or self harm. It is genuinely not that hard. It seems that Jezebel has fully committed to not including this information on recent articles addressing suicide. Read more

Aug 6

All he had to say was “I support the Latino community” go home, and drink his Ensure.

Aug 6

If you get 20 separate clicks on an ad from a single IP you should only be charged for the first one. What a horrible system.

Aug 5

He’s still a better pick than Trump. He’ll still have better people around him. I know the bar is absurdly low but I’ll vote for him (or his VP) even if he fucking dies between now and then.

Aug 1

I was really hoping for a lot more camera in the tire footage, and a lot less Bad Fashion Dad yelling at me

Jul 28

I couldn’t watch the video with sound and with no closed captioning made it useless for me except for one thing; I wish my wife looked at me like this woman looks at this guy telling the story.

Jul 28

In college, I went to my friend’s house to help him replace the timing belt on his beloved 1985 Civic. It’s a pretty straightforward but lengthy job. We collected the new belt and a few small new parts and placed them on the garage floor next to the car. Read more