Nov 1 2019

On my win I would just like to thank Thatcher, for decimating the industry to the point it felt haunted (sounds like a certain herb), the bosses, for being cold monsters, and the co-workers who made it somehow bearable.

Oct 31 2019

Also, just in case the comments eventually disappear from Jezebel the same way they did from Deadspin, I just want to thank all of you for making my life better. This has been a truly special place in my life. Long live Jezebel. <3

Oct 31 2019

And when Jim Spanfeller dies, his body will hopefully just end up in a landfill.  Call him at 917-881-5965 and let him know what ideas you have!

Oct 31 2019

Finally! Someone on Kinja is covering the World Series. Too bad there’s not a site for that.
Clover, I enjoyed your article. I’d like to discuss one quote:
“there could be three teams out there to make it more interesting.”. Though I’m a baseball fan and I wouldn’t like this, I would like to watch a sport between three Read more

Oct 31 2019

Is baseball the one where one man massages his ball, while another man watches excitedly, stroking his long stick?

Oct 29 2019

My favorite was the “what dress to wear to a wedding” post on Deadspin. I mean, competitive dress one-upsmanship at weddings has always been a thing but, presumably, it’s a sport now. Read more

Oct 29 2019

Also, I appreciate that this act of defiance allowed me to read that article about the woman shitting on the floor at a Tim Horton’s, which has the single greatest kinja comment in the history of the site. Read more

Oct 29 2019

Would like to take this opportunity to applaud the decision to link out to as many great non-sports stories as possible today:

Oct 29 2019

This is good and now I hope Deadspin never covers sports again.
And if Jimbo gives you any trouble about Trump, explain that you’re dunking on him, and dunking is sports. 

Oct 29 2019

Man, I love people who self-own through being hilariously inept. You know, pumpkin thieves, thin-skinned vulture capitalist owners of blog sites, those kinds of folks. Read more

Oct 28 2019

Is Evil Week behind the decision for autoplay videos and ads my Chrome can’t stop from playing?

Aug 23 2019

Deadspin, AVC, and The Takeout currently comprise a substantial portion of my Internet consumption. I once planned to make a career in media. I fucking hate oligarchy, plutocracy, vulture capitalism, and morons with undeserved power. So the direction all this is trending breaks my goddamned heart on every conceivable Read more

Aug 23 2019

Yeah, it’s nice to see the evidence backs up the gut feeling that many commenters have discussed over the years - that the site’s point of view and political pieces are its strengths, not a necessary evil tagging along. (Internet commentariats are not necessarily accurate representations of their parent sites, but it Read more