Pseudotsuga menziesii
Yesterday 3:41PM

“Xtreme Recon” sounds like the name someone would pick if they were making a Jeep-owner parody. Read more

Yesterday 3:40PM

Can we just put Antifa and QAnon on an island somewhere and forget about them both?

Yesterday 3:15PM

Ford will respond with a Texas Freedom Edition that also includes roof mounted AR-15s and pistol holster in the door.

Yesterday 2:30PM

So you are telling me the brainwashed Tesla stans are now installing this idiotic steering wheel on their cars where it was not available from the factory.  I do not understand why anyone would want this.

Yesterday 1:12PM

I think the feeling from a lot of the “ho-hum” reviews is that, up to now, most newer EVs have been offering something “Exciting” and “Different.” They’ve had unique features or eyeball-flattening acceleration or drive-it-yourself tech or SOMETHING that sets them apart from the typical gas car. Read more

Yesterday 1:09PM

They didn’t lie about that - on the test bench, they met emissions standards just fine. The cars were engineered very well and are able to meet all regulations. Just by choice, they didn’t do that when the car wasn’t on the test bench anymore, which is obviously highly unethical. But the engineering was sound.

Yesterday 11:30AM

I’ve watched a few of these and love the technical discussion, though I always feel like his hatred of the “parts bin” is a bit too idealistic maybe, in that he acts like it’s just laziness and money that drives parts bin engineering when there are as many reasons for it as there are against. Read more

Yesterday 8:17AM

He expects me to pay $58,777 but cant even get a single picture of the interior, frunk or engine bay? I’ve sold $2000 beater cars with waaaaay more pictures than this.
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Tuesday 2:33PM

Black smoke indicates the motor running rich on fuel. A blue/gray smoke would be oil.
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Tuesday 12:34PM

And we as a society will never progress until this inadequacy is addressed, possibly through genetic tinkering.

Tuesday 12:30PM

It’s frequency bias. This would not be reported here if the Ever Given incident hadn’t happened. 

Tuesday 11:42AM

A lot of people buying Tesla’s aren’t looking for a car, or even an EV, they’re looking for a Tesla. It’s an image. A statement. I like tech and I likely own Tesla stock. They’re true believers in the mission. Read more

Tuesday 8:08AM

This is one of those cases where “eminently forgettable” is totally okay. Like a Camry, like an ES300, the Millenia is a bit like Clark Kent. If you’re in the know, you know there’s a lot going on under that plain suit and affordable haircut. And everybody else, the ones who aren’t in the know, see just another guy on Read more