Pseudotsuga menziesii
Thursday 1:33PM

Why the fuck can Biden and team not get the green new deal passed so companies like like Lordstown and Workhorse can get some of that sweet sweet tax payer funded teat money to make these much needed yesterday electric vehicles to get the USA on 100% electric transportation so we can save the the Goddamned earth Read more

Thursday 9:37AM

Yay! Autonomous mobile homeless shelters have arrived! Finally a one click housing option is available to the masses! #VANLIFE!

Thursday 9:20AM

Doesn’t Norway’s wealth fund come from fossil fuels? That would be a faux pas in the USA. 

6/11/21 8:31PM

This! So many people have low res cameras that all they can really tell you is essentially what time of the day and week you got robbed. Unless you get true 1080 or better yet 4K cams that don’t use tons of compression they are not much help to be honest.

6/11/21 7:43PM

Not to mention Oahu has 3 yes THREE Interstate Highways! Why people don’t drive there is beyond me! H1 here I come!

6/10/21 11:27AM

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee earned a B.A. in Political Science from Yale University with honors in the first graduating class including females, followed by a J.D. from the University of Virginia Law School. She is married to Dr. Elwyn Lee who is also a Yale Graduate and an Administrator at the University of Read more

6/10/21 10:54AM

I only make minimum wage hauling around 12' long 2x12 to various muddy worksites across all of northern Canada and thus have to have a usable 12' bed with awesome 4x4 mileage while I do Uber in SoCal between wood runs. Read more

6/10/21 10:44AM

The USFS and the BLM are wanting to know if these can be ordered in bulk on GSA to help in their moon moving mission?