1/22/14 4:35PM

Guys, if you haven't bought this, buy it. I don't normally play games for more than two or three hours at a go, but I beat The Banner Saga in a single sitting. It's fucking phenomenal, despite some minor combat quibbles.

12/31/13 2:09PM

No god dammit, we're not having this same discussion every time this guy updates his device.

12/30/13 6:56PM

Yawn. Congratulations, you know how to do the first thing any script kiddie learns. We're all very impressed. Just remember: Christmas break is almost over, so you'll have to find a way to keep this up remotely once you have to go back to the 8th grade.

12/26/13 12:44AM

Bioshock Infinite AND DMC? 2 games I've been meaning to play, now just dropped in my lap. Really love PS+

12/12/13 4:21PM

Uh... so in summary: gay man sends video of underaged teenage girl's 24 year old boyfriend giving another man a blowjob to her, gets in trouble for it, and loses his job at a company that made a terrible, sexually explicit videogame recently after a large number of people made a poor decision on Kickstarter.

12/05/13 8:25AM

Yes, and the people here crying about racism sipped one too many glasses of the PC Kool-Aid.

11/22/13 1:07PM

I'm the same way. If I sit down to play a game, I am sitting down to play a game. If I'm going to watch something, I'm going to watch something. It just feels like more ADD generation cellphone junkie stuff creeping in where it doesn't need to be.

11/14/13 8:29AM

I must make a pilgrimage to these Holy Sites.