Dec 17 2018

He bought Aviation long after it was already very well established and respected. It is an amazing New American style Gin. I use it unsurprisingly in Aviations. But in a lot of other cocktails that have softer flavors, I dont want a big bold London dry to murder.

Oct 18 2018

I’m just so disappointed that this article didn’t begin “Avril Lavigne isn’t dead--she’s born again.” It was RIGHT THERE! 

Aug 30 2018

I’m a huge fan of their Lime, Cranberry-Lime, and Georgia Peach (I wish the peach came in cans!) but their limited run of Tangerine-Limeade they had a 3 or so years ago was literally the best seltzer I’ve ever tasted, and nothing else comes close.

Aug 30 2018

Yeah, I call BS on this whole thing. Was it a taste test to see “which seltzer comes a distant second to Polar?”

I am a pacifist, and yet I really feel like shoving multiple people here and going “Polar. POLAR.”

Aug 30 2018

I agree with this ranking because you left out what the clear winner is:

Aug 29 2018

i bought bubly once and thought it was just a shittier LaCroix - worse flavor, more carbonation, more expensive. Read more

Jul 9 2018

Well fix it! Granted, you did put the distance in the header, but this is such a glaring omission, I would think you would at least put it in the image description. This keeps your readers from having to scroll up/down to get all the information.

Apr 19 2018

The point of an expert witness is to educate the jury about a specific issue or topic relevant to the case. He basically just read a pharmacology textbook at them without any explanation or context. To anyone not in pharmacology those are a string of random words and the expert failed to do his job in a spectacular Read more

Mar 15 2018

There is a distressingly high number of WOC and POC who will not be able to comment here because Jez has banned them, without explanation or warning. The entire JezeRoot series is so controversial with the commenters at least in part because so many people will not be able to participate in anything that is posted to Read more

Mar 14 2018

They got bought by private equity firms in 2005 and saddled with billions of dollars worth of debt. That’s why their prices were so high, trying to service that. Read more

Feb 9 2018

Re: RGB and her legal genius, my favorite SCOTUS-nerd podcast More Perfect did an excellent episode about Craig v. Boren, and how Ginsburg used sex discrimination cases where men are the victims to prove social harm. (And how she saved the day after the male attorney bungled the argument.)

Feb 4 2018

Dude! Do you really not get this? Women are being told that we’re replaceable because guys have realistic sex dolls. Which reduces us to fuckholes, basically. So, NO, you are not the victim here. Men who crow about not needing women because they have some silicone simulation are the problem. Read more

Dec 15 2017

Why don’t you just give the person the money and let them use it for what they want to use it for? Why do people feel the need to control homeless people? If you care just give that person some money. Even if it’s a few dollars.