I called this. The signs were out there for over a year. The band wagon effect with hundreds of seltzers launching in the last 3 years. Major brands shifting to iterations targeted at other FMB niches. High ABV, the “lemonade seltzers” that are just diet hard lemonade. The attempt at the same for iced tea, hard sodas. Read more

Well, this news certainly makes me grimace... Read more

Very briefly flirted with the idea of getting chickens when we first bought a home a few years ago. After about five minutes of research and serious consideration, I realized the last thing I wanted was a second job worrying about chickens every minute of my spare time. Read more

*Sigh*, I name all my router wifi networks after after C language printf statements. The “%p%s%s%s%s%n” was one of my all time favorites. Whatever shall I do? The “%d\n” is soooooo pedestrian. The curse of the ghost of Steve Jobs strikes again! Read more

My first job out of college was working in pilot testing laboratory. Read more

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Wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened.

I’d join that lawsuit in a second. I only borrowed my friends login info for Dune! Read more

What on earth is coming next? Ranch dressing and gravy - Ravey. Or gravy and mustard - Grustard. Mayonnaise and curry - Murry. Sriracha and curry - Srirry. The possibilities are endless. And horrible. Read more

First of all, let me say FIRST. Read more

I came of age in the Mr. Wizard era.  Bill Nye is always the young spotlight stealer to me. Read more

exactly. a better pitch would have been “you get the whole thing to yourself” or something along those lines.
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At least we know he didn’t cheat on his food handler’s permit test. Read more

Yes. My alternate joke was “what if I’m not getting enough heavy metals in my diet?" Read more

Not even being facetious here- would this even be edible? Are there not all sorts of dissolved minerals and heavy metals in that water, which could potentially leech into the chicken?
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The meat falls right off the bone. Specifically your bones, when you fall into a hot spring. Read more