It’s time to Meet the Meat!
I think I’ll just have a nice salad. Read more

That goes for the apple ones as well. All poptarts are super thin now. They just crumble. I might switch to the generics because they aren’t this way. Read more

I thought we had a dinner service one here in Southeastern Pennsylvania as well. Maybe it was in Pottstown. I do remember it pretty clearly though.  Read more

When I worked at Hershey Foods back in 2012 there was a competitor to that in the US that imported from Brazil. I need to go look Wiki to get the name. It was an aerated chocolate and was sold here as a lower calorie candy bar. It ended up being kind of fudgy and kind of weird. Read more

I was thinking more like a full Buffalo and cooking over a spit.  Read more

McGrimace (you know in case the taste isn’t quite there)
What happened to McPLT? Keep the cold side cold and the plant side beefy tasting.

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Oh thanks for pointing that out. I was just about to order some but I will just happen to be up in Wilkes-Barre next week. Route 6 also happens to be one of the best motorcycling roads in the country.  Read more

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For things like this there is always a great Better off Ted bit. I miss that show. One of the parts of the show was about lab grown meat. Of course this was, what, 13 years ago at this point? So they were a bit ahead of the curve.

Secret of NIMH scarred me as a kid. We had cable growing up and they showed it a lot. So I got to see it when I was 10-12 right after it came out and had just moved to cable. Something about that movie just hit me and never left. Read more

I’d post a picture of it here if I could figure out how. I would bet there are a lot of people that don’t know what it is. I think it died in the late ninties. Read more

I can’t imagine there are many long time Subway employees outside of the managers and owners. Read more

The only one that I remember is outside of Pottsville near RT61. Read more

I worked at a Subway in the early nineties and I miss the old way we cut the rolls. You know the V with the top put back on it. Now I’m a Philly suburb guy. So I used to just write it off as a sub vs hoagie thing even though I knew darned well that a sub was a hoagie but it was a Subway tradition to make the hat Read more

(pulls out his walker)
They aren’t as good as they used to be. Of course that doesn’t matter because they are still pretty darned good. They just lost a lot of the peanuts that used to be on the outside and I’m not sure why. Read more

I find it interesting that Pennsylvania is listed as Twizzlers. Okay sure we make them here but this is the home of Hershey. Well and Reeses and a lot of others but really the sweetest place on earth and we default to Twizzlers?
Now given my choice, and I live an hour from Hershey and even used to work there, I always Read more

There is also Lemonchelo from Danny Devito and Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wago.  Read more

Growing up we ate eggplant a lot because it was $.27 a pound and my mother was doing the best she could with what she had. This was in the early eighties. I just can’t even imagine trying to eat anything with that in it anymore. I’ve had enough for my entire life as a kid thank you. Read more

YES! Send that to Twitter and Gritty will definitely post it. Read more

As someone who suffers from migraines it is something that my neurologist has been  pushing on my for years. I have been pushing away because you know... botulism.  Read more

The soft pretzel would have made far more sense. This coming from someone who grew up all around Philly. Yeah I know people think of the Cheesesteak when think of Philadelphia but if you are from here then you think of the soft pretzel as being our thing. Read more