why is this even fun why can't they play the game how i play it this isn't even legit Read more

Tina this was a great write up of the feeling you get when progressing through Dark Souls (any of the games!). Read more

I know this is fan made, I appreciate the effort, and I couldn't do it better myself, but ... Read more

I know MOST people are happy about this but i am really sick and tired of these angry bird games. They like the Galaxy S & iphone line. Same sh!t with a different coat of paint.... Read more

This was actually... Fairly accurate. And screw canon, Solaire is Gwyn's firstborn. Read more

Take a bow, kid; you earned it!

You won't be laughing when those 12 year olds use their Xbox controller to control the drones that free you, after Putin invades your country. Read more

Bombs are all wrapped TNT or big black balls with fuses coming out the top, duh. Read more

Fixed it.

To the fuck that changed this:

At this point I can't take any review from this joke of a site seriously. Read more

I was talking about the Polygon review. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Read more

To be honest, those sound like minor issues that are being blown out of proportion. It comes across like a bunch of reviewers ganging up on a small developer. Meanwhile, you guys give a bug-ridden game like Skyrim not only a free pass, but cite its bugs as positives: Read more

Right, but those publications gave largely positive reviews despite what you call "major" bugs. So not sure why your copy (and Gamespot's, for that matter) was so much worse than everyone else's. Read more

Perhaps I'm a bit confused about your first video. I didn't notice any major, much less, minor stutters at any of the times you mentioned or any part of that first video at all. Read more