flying lap
12:38 PM

I had a PPI done on my 10k M3? Why wouldn’t the buyer do the same with a 100k Ferrari? Unfortunately, very few dealers can be trusted.

11:03 PM

This was acquired by a Toyota dealer and most likely written-off as a business expense. He's already stated it will sit in his showroom and collect prius-owner-dust. 

4:24 AM

I own both and e30 and e36m. Both are bad AF. I’ve onwed an e46m, driven an e90 and f80.....that being said, if money didn’t matter and I could only keep one, that’s right folks, the E36m. It’s the perfect blend of old school and new school. For tjose fanboys that lust after the e30 (because box-flares), I get it. Read more

11:26 AM

Most dealers are mendacious and only want to dupe/trick/con/fool the buyer into buying.... Like the stupid ads that read “199 a month lease” - then you read the fine print and the car has no fucking wheels, requires 9k down, and you can only drive it on alternating weekends to keep the mileage below 1k a year.

10:44 AM

The $900 doc fee bothers me more than recon fee. It’s the most ridiculous balls-deep monopoly in the car business.

10:24 AM

Sorry, but NC’s suck balls. Not because they’re bad Miata’s, don’t get me wrong. But, an early S2000 can be had for 10k. Discussion over. The charming part of the NA / NB series is that 5k buys a nice car.

12:07 PM

Although most would agree the NC was the fat-friend, the Club Edition looked fucking good. I bought an NB because they kinda remind me of an ND RX7. I’ll buy an ND when they hit 10k in a few years... And, believe it or not, I enjoy my bone stock NB as much as the S2000 I put 150k on.

9:51 AM

Why wouldn’t Christian von Koenigsegg just be “hanging out”? He’s not The Rock, he can go to the mall and walk around anonymously. He’s also wearing his little sister’s polkadot shirt for some reason.
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3:47 PM

Gotta get half a million views a day to make money. My channel has 400k views and I’ve made $600 in ad revenues. Only problem is, it’s taken me a year!

1:26 PM

I don’t watch VV mainly because VV should stand for “Vicious Vagina” and instead, we get Parker. All stupidity aside, the kid works hard, shoots and edits lots of video and makes stupid amounts of money while we sit in our office chairs and wonder why we’re not doing the same thing. Read more

10:09 AM

For the fucks-sake, the factory plastic seat cover was still on the seat! Hope it’s totaled so this poor bloke doesn’t have the world’s first dirty Carfax Type-R.

2:30 PM

Jesus. You’re like my twin. The Miura was the standout for me and I too, wanted to horse-whip the GT40 owner.