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Total numbers lack context, especially since countries with large populations (India, China, etc.) are mysteriously missing from your chart!  The term would be “cherry picking” in order to “prove” a predetermined position. Read more

Exactly. I’m 7'1" & have owned Celicas, Jettas, Passats, a Thunderbird SC, a Focus, Crown Vics, a Saab 9-3 convertible & a Jaguar XJR. You’ll note there isn’t a single SUV on that list & I fit in them all just fine. Of course, I also have a sub 40 inch waist measurement too. People who claim they “need” an SUV because Read more

They already built one... so why not another?

Or you can go to current Toyota City in Japan.

Not really surprising considering that there already is a Toyota City in Japan (in Aichi Prefecture, and yes it is named because Toyota is based there). Read more

Minor nitpick: Ghosn was born in Brazil.  He has passports from Lebanon, Brazil, and France. Read more

I don’t know the details of Ghosn’s case, but I will say this: Japan has a 99.9% conviction rate. Their justice system has flaws that I can’t quite support. When he says it’s a rigged justice system, he’s not wrong. Getting a fair trial, by American standards at least, is impossible in Japan. Read more

Exactly. This is why the Germans are so serious about properly managing their lane position. It’s incredibly dangerous if they don’t. There are cars doing 200+ kph on the same road with tiny econo-cars that have a max speed of ~100 kph. Germany also has incredibly strict requirements with frequent testing for what’s Read more

Correlation ≠ causation.   Read more

FWD means understeer, which requires nothing more than letting off the throttle to correct. Read more

Unfortunately they never sold Hilux in the states except for I think the very first ones, and none were crew cabs [not sure about the diesel but I’d doubt that was over here either] Read more

Hate to be that guy and all that... But that sentence is not remotely correct in French. It’s like saying “the most quickly truck in the word”. Read more

David is right on this I’ve bought new and used tires and the only difference was the price. Your misconception isn't my problem and it's not his. Do your homework and know what your looking at and you'll be fine, just as fine in fact as the blow hard who spent $700 on a new set.  Read more

First, it was the HOAs, and I didn’t care because I didn’t live in an HOA.... Read more

I ride a motorcyle in nyc, I realize every time I take the bike out I may die. Bicyclist do not act like that, the idea that you left the bike lane and then got hit by a truck makes no sense. Either you looked and didn’t care, or you didn’t. It’s a truck, its slow and it doesn’t maneuver quickly. The fact is these Read more

Davey was my best and only friend from k-6th grade and really gave credence to the final words in the movie Stand By Me, “I never had any friends later on like I had when I was 12.” Rather, I am 43 now and I still have never found a friend quite like him later in life. Sadly I will never get to tell him face to face Read more

Alpine ! ..... I said it with a French accent in my head.
Read more

This is not just the cleanest but also the most spacious shop I’ve ever seen pictures of in Japan. Their garages are usually pretty tight as well as cluttered. I’m sure those two things are related.  Read more